Usb to serial driver mac os x snow leopard

They might give me a clue as to the vendor. Alas, no joy.

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The Vendor ID is in the details pane. FTDI yields a drivers page:. I download the DMG for the 2.

I now have the name of the adapter. It is tty. Your email is never published nor shared.

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OS X Snow Leopard and USB-to-Serial Adapter

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. We have downloaded the newest driver from http: It does not seem to be working with Macs running OS X We have sent emails to the support addresses for both Cables Unlimited and Moschip. Cables Unlimited says they are checking with Moschip. No responses from Moschip yet. Does anyone know of any updates for this driver, or are there any ways to get the driver to work with Snow Leopard? The latest?

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It's described as being for " There is a solution to force this exact cable to work with Snow Leopard while waiting for Moschip to update their drivers. Be very careful while you are making this change.

Getting Aten UC-232A usb-to-serial dongle to work on OS X "Snow Leopard"

You will need to execute these commands as the root user. Wait a few minutes and plug in your USB cable. You should see a screen pop up that alerts you that two new network interfaces have become available.

You're good to go. If the software is ever updated by Moschip, it will likely overwrite this change. Unfortunately, I don't have a suggestion for drivers for the controller you're currently using.

Getting a serial port

Mass produced devices are typically pre-registered in the driver config file, but other products, particularly bespoke devices often won't be in the configuration file, so the serial driver in this case won't recognise them as belonging to it. You probably want a USB to serial converter, of which there are a variety. However, the next time it attempts to restart it within a minute or so , it should succeed. KeySerial1 device file. All replies Drop Down menu. Note that first bit sets the daemon name, the second bit sets the program arguments one "string" per argument , and the last bit keepalive instructs launchd to restart the daemon when it exits eg, the user logs out of the console. The latest?

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