Mac os x concatenated raid set

Mirrored and concatenated RAID options in Mac OS X

A hot spare will not be immediately added to the array, however, in the event of a degraded status in the array, the hot spare will be automatically added and the array rebuilt to ensure the status reverts back to online or non-degraded. NOTE: The removal of a failed disk from the RAID array should be done only after first physically uninstalled the disk from your Mac and after a new disk is installed as a replacement — both physically and via Terminal.

How to manage RAID volumes in El Capitan: An intermediate guide

Find the Rebuild line, by default, it should be listed as manual. This means in the event of degradation loss of a drive , simply removing the failed drive and installing a new one will not cause for the array to rebuild itself automatically. To change this setting to allow for automatic rebuilding, enter the following command. To verify that the rebuild setting has been modified, reenter the command from step 1 to view the RAID configuration.

How to use, troubleshoot, and repair your Mac

If executed correctly, the rebuild status should now read as "automatic. Did you spot an error in the syntax? Or is there a better way to execute the same commands?

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Let us know in the comments down below. He brings 19 years of experience and multiple certifications from seve He brings 19 years of experience and multiple certifications from several vendors, including Apple and CompTIA.

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Hacking a Mini RAID for Mac OS X

Why not use a fault-tolerant setup, instead? RAID is a combination of multiple disks that can be set up to be fault tolerant, in a sense.

So that if one or more of the disks in the RAID volume fail, your data is still available to you. What is RAID? Previously, it stood for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, because it was originally meant to show that multiple inexpensive disks when RAIDed could perform equal if not better to high-end, large, enterprise storage disks, but I digress. It mirrors the contents of one disk onto every single disk in the array.

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This means that if one or more of your disks fail, you can still recover all of the data as long as at least one disk in the array is functioning properly. This is possible because the data is copied on every disk in the array.

This allows for faster reading and writing times.