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League of Legends Open Beta Lands on the Mac

League of Legends is also one of the most popular eSports games and many events are streamed live with hundreds of thousands of viewers. Prizes for the highest level leagues can run into the millions of dollars and each team has their own personalities and fan followings. The Cross-Platform team will also continue working diligently to smash any Mac bugs that surface during the open beta.

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League of Legends had a private Mac beta client that was scrapped a few years ago, and rumblings of the game returning to OS X have been all over the internet for months now. League of Legends' payment model is designed to be very different from the timer-based freemium games like Real Racing 3. Users can play as much as they want without paying, but they are limited to the characters available that week. To mark the release of the Mac beta, League of Legends has released the iBlitzcrank skin for the character Blitzcrank as well as this promotional video that is full of inside jokes for existing fans:.

Top Rated Comments View all. Sky Blue. I can finally get rid of my Windows partition! This is native. Yours isn't. This is new. As for those of us who have Can't wait to give it a go when I get home. Small White Car. I don't play a lot of games like this but I sure read about this kind of thing. I know about dozens and dozens of games I've never played, just from the internet. I'm not sure how this one slipped through the cracks for me.

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I found his comment incredibly useful because I was curious why I hadn't heard about this one. Was it my fault? But apparently I'm not the only one.

Both of the Normandy ships also have a sleek, minimalist aesthetic in their interior. Terran ships and stations in the X-Universe are an example of this in sharp contrast to both other races and Argon human Lost Colony ships which are instead gray, blocky and have more exposed machinery. Putt-Putt Travels Through Time predicted the future would take place on Floating Continents , with teleportation being possible, having food makers for all living creatures, libraries where you could print your own stories, museums where calculators are ancient mathematics artifacts, and there is no such thing as money.

The Parasites from Gratuitous Space Battles. Their ships consist entirely of white metal hulls with brightly colored, transparent accents, and sleek weapons. The near-future world of Lost Echo features this trope both in- and out-universe, since the game is made for iPod and iPad. Simcity 's expansion Cities of Tomorrow uses this design philosophy for its cleaner, more utopian structures.

The dystopian ones are more gritty in design. PlanetSide 2 's Terran Republic employs the iPod aesthetic for most of their equipment; in contrast to the New Conglomerate's philosophy of " we don't believe in 'the curve' " and the Vanu Sovereignty's crab aesthetic, TR equipment is made of simple swooping and straight lines, and regular circles.

While NC equipment is unpainted metal and VS are hexagonal ceramics , TR uses large amounts of plastics and carbon-fiber. One looks like an iPod version of the Real Life Predator drone.

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In Warframe , Cephalon technology embodies this aesthetic. Weapons and tools have streamlined shapes with minimal decoration beyond some LED trim and suspended holograms. Apparently even AIs can have a taste in fashion. Fallout The in-universe explanation for averting this trope is a worldwide petroleum shortage that has made the manufacture of commercial plastics very expensive, hence why, among other examples, the go-to construction material for rifle stocks is wood or metal over plastics, home appliances are made of metal, and everything generally looks like the pre-plastic world.

The Institute has this going on very straight in Fallout 4.

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A stark contrast to everything else in the franchise, as their energy weapons and armor are sleek and clean-looking and also less powerful than the bulkier, dirty Pre-War equipment they're derived from , while the Institute itself is very futuristic looking with clean white walls, decorative fountains, sleek doorways, and transparent walkways. Maliwan banks heavily on this in Borderlands 2. Their gear is all smooth lines with very few sharp angles, their gun magazines look more like battery packs, their sights are holographic projections and their sniper scopes display what look almost like a full HUD on the rear lens, and all their guns are elemental, a technological cut above most of the competition.

Funnily enough, they're the one company in the game that goes the biggest lengths to avert Sighted Guns Are Low-Tech. Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere , the one installment of Ace Combat set in The Future proper of Strangereal instead of 20 Minutes into the Future , has this aesthetic to its plane designs, even the real life ones are future-ized versions with similar sleek curves, lack of canopies and predominantly white paintjobs.

Ships used by The Empire in Elite: Dangerous very much follow this aesthetic, with curvy flowing shapes and defaulting to bright white paint. The Federation , on the other hand, tends towards the blocky and angular Standard Human Spaceship , and the ships of The Alliance more or less hold a middle ground. The Alterra Corporation in Subnautica uses this trope as their primary design motif, with extensive use of curved, shiny surfaces on all of their products, from tools to submersibles.

Web Animation. RWBY : Long-range and wi-fi communication is made possible by four CCT towers that are stationed in each kingdom which can connect directly and via smaller relays that are located outside the kingdom and which are vulnerable to the Grimm. The towers can only function together or not all and make it possible for scrolls to function.

Scrolls are collapsible tablets that, among other things, function as a phone, messenger email, text, and video , camera, video game controller and holographic projector. It can also monitor Aura levels of both the owner and others. A lot of other technology from the Kingdom of Atlas looks the part, for example their military's guard robots. Web Comics.

Winslow in Questionable Content is basically a very large, self-aware iPod with arms, legs and a video-screen "face", supposedly made by Apple.

His PC and Linux-based counterparts have somewhat more physical faces that can change expression. In A Mad Tea Party , years in the future, there are iPad-like things for breaking into cars and checking medical files on the internet. Domain Tnemrot : Tempest has a computer that looks and acts like an iPad. This is explained in the notes as almost all tech in the future being based around the touch screen. Taken more literally earlier, when the iKnow device is advertised through a parody of Apple commercials.

Web Original. Floating Point features living A. Programs who are essentially walking smartphones, with their own self-installed Apps, making this trope somewhat literal. Ilivais X follows this design, with cities being futuristic bubbles held above the land, and the Humongous Mecha typically being very sleek and advanced.

The Avespias are the only units to even have any kind face, as the Ilivais prototypes have curved wedges with a sensor web, and the Espadas are piloted from within a shoulder-mounted sphere. In Shuffle Quest , when the heroes visit the high-tech world of Men in Black , Terok Nor's spellbook transforms into a literal iPad - which Terok uses to consume the wildest conspiracy nonsense the Internet has to offer. Western Animation. They even have guys who drive around in vans spray-painting everything that's not already chrome.

Made particularly Hilarious in Hindsight when you realize how popular Google Chrome has become in the recent years. The Interceptor itself has the same design. Real Life.

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Most design aesthetic today leans toward this. Generally, most people like their technology to be sleek, clean, and minimalist. Tesla's Model S is designed around the popular iPod sentiment; it even has pulsing LEDs to indicate charging state and a 17" touchscreen console explicitly based on the iPhone's interface. The Nissan Cube and Kia Soul also seem to be deliberately invoking this in their design. Before the modern trend, there was also the "blob" aesthetic of The '90s - where cars had almost no straight lines and incorporated as many ellipses as possible into their design - which reached its head with the amorphous blob of the 3th generation Ford Taurus.

An early example was the Ford Sierra, when it was first released in It was the first of the Fords to sport the bulbous "aero look" and was so unique at the time, it was dubbed the "Salesman's Spaceship". The Ford Taurus followed in , and the makers of RoboCop were so impressed by the then-futuristic design that they purchased a fleet of Tauruses to use as police cars in the film.

Blitzcrank Visual Effect Update Comparison - All Affected Skins - League Of Legends

This ended up being weirdly prescient; after Ford finally put the Crown Victoria out to pasture, the Taurus ended up becoming the most common model bought en masse for use as a police cruiser in the US.