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Top 3 Ways to Fix iTunes Error 1013/1611 When Updating or Restoring

Alternative As mentioned earlier, what causes the error in iTunes in most cases, is the inability of iTunes to contact Apple servers.

Error 1015 on itunes at restore.

All you need to do is to remove any reference to gs. Not sure on how to modify the hosts file? Check out this tutorial including a video. I hope this helps. Leave comments or questions in the comments.

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Good Luck! Still not working for me : "The iphone could not be restored. An unknown error occured Have you tried testing on a different computer? When try a Mac if possible Make sure to close itunes when you remove the apple line from hosts. Then reopen itunes and try the restore again. Editing the hosts file with itunes upen will not help. You need itunes to reload hosts when it opens to grab the clean file.

I have a iphone 4s and trying to go back to ios 5. Please read this part again: This guide is not intended for downgrading or Jailbreaking, and while the info provided may still be useful it may not apply to your case. None of this worked!

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Ragy Have you tried testing on a different computer? Worked for me, many thanks!!! Finally a useful tip.

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Yes I have it too help But nobody helps Brilliant - don't forget to close itunes and reopen, that did it for me :. Hey thanks alot it work perfectly and if ya getting other error try putting your device in pwned dfu it could help but thanks. Im using Apple Ipod Touch fifth generation ios 6. I tried different methods from other websites that included adding certain things, moving, copy, pasting, everything!

To the point where I thought I had completely messed up that host file, and this worked!!!

Thank you x Seriously the flipping host file!!! Alternative method is the way go folks!! Thanks man!!!

iPhone 3GS - Update error 3194

My phone is currently stuck on recovery mode. It is still like that it wont power on unless its connected to a PC or power outlet. All i want to do is get it on the latest version of IOS. Keep getting couldnt contact update server. The "Alternative" worked for me after commenting " " out the "gs. Thank you so so much!!! By deleting the gs. Thanks again ;D.

For anyone who didn't manage to get this to work, launch Tiny Umbrella and start tts server then try again.

LOVE you man, your the best. Saved my ass, from getting a new phone, Your the best. This is an essential step otherwise you may encounter future errors when trying to update or install iOS versions. If after adding " By adding " ", you void the gs. For example, if you see the line: Add " " to turn it into:.

Then save the hosts file and restart your computer.

Dedicated Tool to Fix iTunes Error 3194

Besides changing the hosts files to fix the error , you can also stop error by adjust network settings on your computer. Make sure your computer can connect to Internet. If not, restart your computer and modem or contact your network provider. If you are using a wireless router, try to use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer with modem.

If none of above methods can fix the unknown error , you may use iOS System Recovery to restore or update iPhone without iTunes. The program can restore and update iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. STEP 2 If the program can recognize your phone, please check the info on the screen and continue.

What's more, it is in need to select the correct phone model to download the firmware and your device model is on your iPhone's back side. STEP 3 When the firmware is downloaded successfully with stable network, the program will handle you case with repairing.

Top 3 Ways to Fix iTunes Error 1013/1611 on Mac and Windows

Just wait while iTunes installs firmware on your iPhone or iPod touch. SkylineGtr says:. When i solve the error by adding that line in host file. Awais says:. Each entry should be kept on an individual line.

STEP 4 As the progressing bar goes to the ending, the screen will show you a sentence: Repair completed. Now, your phone may reboot but it will return to normal state. After that, iTunes error while updating to iOS 11 will be fixed on your own.