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Hello fellow people. I would just like to inform you that I was writing an essay for school, I went to see hoe much the premium would cost and when I went back to the home page everything was deleted.

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With Office for Mac, you can check spelling and grammar in languages other than English. Word for Mac comes with foreign-language dictionaries . Why is it that my copy of Office insists on using a US English dictionary? How/Where can I install and always use a UK one?.

It is a great tool, but I do recommend that you write in Word, Pages, or Drive then enter it into Grammarly and check it. Wow that was odd.

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Anyway, just wanted to say superb blog! If you know any other tool which can replace Grammarly, please suggest me. Thank You. Hi , very nice review. I my case i am not a writer an neither an english native speaker. I was considering to use Gramarly for my job as I need to send lots of short emails on my daily basis and I am always uncertain if they have a grammar mistake.

Also will appreciate not spending time and effort in that process. Will you advice to purchase it for that use? Hi Juan, Yes I regularly use Grammarly to check emails.

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They have a handy plugin that helps for your web browser. To be completely honest here, I am good with grammar since I have been writing daily for more than a couple of years now. Just came across this site grammarly and even after reading your review I am confused if I should start using it or not.. I usually use MS office to check my grammar and would you say grammarly is better than that? And how would you rate both of them out of 10? Please reply asap, I am on the edge of buying grammarly.. I got into a critical situation while presenting a technical document to an executive forum.

Grammarly helps me to give the counter reference on the correction point of view. The tool itself brilliant, it saved me. Being a writer it is very difficult for me to check all the minor mistakes as it is very time-consuming.

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Choose Language from the Tools menu, then choose Set Language from the submenu. Thanks for your time! Supposedly you type in text and it corrects all punctuation and grammar errors. I have never received a single email message from the Grammarly support folks, even though the submission page states that an email will be sent within hours. My writing triggers an endless chain of false error messages and fails to catch if I accidentally use a US spelling.

But then I came to know about Grammarly and it really helped me in saving a lot of my time. Thanks for this wonderful review. I have been using Grammarly since a year and I must say it is one of the best tools ever made for writers. It cuts the hard word to half. The plagiarism checker is amazing, it can detect slightest of copied content. It is not worth because it makes you reliant, therefore, hesitant to check yourself in terms of knowing your grammar.

Microsoft Word 2011 UK English Dictionary?

I would prefer reading out loud to myself so I can really hear what am I reading. That makes me more aware of my grammar because I tend to correct my writing when I read it over. Hope it is helpful. Many good points, although I will tell you that after using Grammarly for a couple of months, I ended up uninstalling it for the following reasons. I agree with your issue with support. It consistently flagged commas in parenthetical expressions as unnecessary in a complex sentence. Grammarly gets a thumbs down from me. I was wondering if I should upgrade to a premium service but want to check this service could check for any mistakes with below sentences.

I ran that through Grammarly, and there were no issues. Is grammarly primarily a convenience tool that when responding to comment sections in blogs, social media posts, or other non regulated microsoft apps the proofing ability is available? I am curious how to politely request this app from my big brother IT comrades. I prefer the app as I can make edits there and paste it into my tool of choice. Grammarly checks mostly grammar and spelling, only a limited amount of language issues. After checking my paper through Grammarly and found no plagiarism, I then submitted my paper to the campus database call Turnitin.

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My instructor reported me to the Academic Honor Society saying I plagiarize my paper. I am waiting on my hearing to go in front of the board to defend myself. What is the different between Grammarly not finding any Plagiarism and Turnitin finding it? When I look up information about Turnitin, it states Turnitin does not detect plagiarism. Turnitin just finds text that matches other sources in the vast Turnitin databases and shows those matches. It is up to a human being to determine whether those text matches are a problem or not. Please tell me what that means and what I need to do.

Hope to hear back from you before my hearing. I teach English as a foreign language. Two of my intermediate students were using Grammarly and was particularly happy with it. I thought I should try it out to see how non-natives could use it. I ran many intermediate level texts through it and the recommendations made each text significantly worse. Grammarly cannot spot missing main verbs in relative clauses.

It recommends changes to punctuation and prepositions which change the intended meaning. It misses around half of all missing articles.

Thank you for your feedback!

Its alternative word recommendations are mostly inappropriate. It cannot identify incorrect tense choice. It misses typos. It incorrectly identifies passive verb constructions. I could go on.

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Grammarly is a trap for non-native students who are not advanced enough to see how limited it is. I have watched an intermediate student try to use it and she was completely at sea.

Grammarly is in practice still experimental and its marketing claims fall far short of the expensive reality. It is a really very honest review.

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Thanks a lot to share with people like me who are investing a lot of money to others just to proofread their content. I appreciate your work dear. I have just discovered this tool right now! I am so interested in know more about it! Please, if I make a signature, can I give up anytime or it will depend on the plan I did?

For example, if I chose the annual one, can I give up before this deadline? Dependable enough, I also getting the benefits of Grammarly! Never tested such software. Grammarly one of the useful tools for the blogger as well as others. I already have Grammarly premium account and believe me; it thoughtfully makes my life a lot smoother; it has shown to be very powerful for me, and I am damn satisfied with the tool as it supporting me to fix errors while writing the blog pages.