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Why Silverlight? Here is the list of advantage why we should go with Silverlight over the Flash and other technologies already available: Support of. NET framework - if you are already.

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NET developer it is easy to start programming on Silverlight. Support of Managed code - you can write programming in your favorite language which. Better development tools -Visual Studio , Expression Blend.

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Large community- available lot of learning resource as compare to Flash technology. Silverlight releases Silverlight 1.

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The Official site of Microsoft Silverlight. Download and install the latest version Microsoft Silverlight plug in for your browser. Prepare for Silverlight 5 end of support after October Download Now Netflix uses Silverlight to stream TV Episodes and Movies to PC and Mac in.

There are lot of releases happened in initial stage of Silverlight technology, however later at end of the year final release of version 1. This release consists of the core presentation framework, which is responsible for UI, interactivity and user input, basic UI controls, graphics and animation, media playback and DOM integration.

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The Major drawback of this release is not supporting managed code, which means you can't use. This was managed by scripting programming languages like Java Script Only interpretation no compilation , which is hard for non Java Script programmers. Since there is no managed code there is no compilation required only JavaScript is interpreted on the client browser.

Silverlight provides various geometrical primitives like lines, ellipses and other shapes, to elements like text, images, and media etc. Silverlight 2. We can consider this is the first release of the Silverlight for start application development because of lot limitations in Silverlight 1. This is the exciting release to the developers, which supports managed code, living in the.

NET world without managed code is very difficulty actually not possible. NET Framework 3. You can have a code behind file for every XAML. It can be used to programmatically manipulate both the Silverlight application and the HTML page which hosts the Silverlight control.

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The XAML markup as well as the code, is compiled into. In this release Silverlight came up with own library, which is subset of.

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It is also provides security, not to access Silverlight platform API from outside the world. Features of Silverlight 2. NET Framework. Advanced skinning and templating support: - This makes it easy to customize the look and feel of an application. Deep zoom: - which allows users to zoom into, or out of, an image or a collage of images , with smooth transitions, using the mouse wheel.

Programming Languages: - including Visual Basic, C , JavaScript, IronPython and IronRuby, making it easier for developers already familiar with one of these languages to repurpose their existing skill sets. Silverlight 3 Silverlight version 3. Features of Silverlight 3. Size: KB Download now decoder decode soft hpf2yo Sothink Quicker for Silverlight Want to create silverlight animation? Here comes Sothink Quicker for Silverlight -a cutting edge, full-featured professional Silverlight Animation tool, creating animation which can be played on Micros NET and built on top of the Microsoft Silverlight 3.

Silverlight Development tool for creating engaging, interactive user experiences for Web.

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Maxthon Cloud Browser 5. Checklist of Best Practices for Writing Assertions. Launcher launch Launch Window Explorer url launcher. Their top-rated Silverlight app for Windows Phone lets you find show times, watch trailers, browse photo galleries, explore popular charts and share movie information. Found a bad link?

Size: - Download now. Silverlight Spy Detailed runtime inspection of any Silverlight application. Size: 6.

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Silverlight Elements Create stunning Silverlight solutions faster than ever before! Silverlight Accordion A custom made Silverlight Accordion control. Linux Version bit Ubuntu Android Version Android OS 4. Skype can run on devices with ARMv6 processors , but video calling is not supported. If you're not sure what type of processor your device has, check the device's user manual or contact its manufacturer. Related Articles.

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