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Two-Sided Printing in Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac

Instead of flipping each page over to its blank side before printing the even pages, you have a more convenient option of flipping the entire block of pages , so that the last sheet is on top useful when you have a lot of pages to be printed. With this, you can then choose Reverse in Page Order to print the even numbered pages backwards. Note: be careful that if you have an odd-number of pages in total, you might have to leave the last one out before printing the even ones.

In a search, I just found this great tool from HP that facilitates manual duplex printing from OSX with minimal steps. I just tried it with success using my Epson NX This way you end up with the pages in the correct order when finished and don't have to worry about selecting reverse. Listen now.

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  • (Mac OS) Print double-sided in Acrobat, Reader 10 or earlier.

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Step 1: Set up the print job

In case you can't select that option, here's how you can manually print double-sided pages. Manual double-side printing You can control manual double-side printing i.

Manual Two-Sided Printing on HP Printers from a Mac Computer - HP Printers - HP

To print double side manually, select Odd Only first and when it finishes printing, flip the pages over and select Even Only Instead of flipping each page over to its blank side before printing the even pages, you have a more convenient option of flipping the entire block of pages , so that the last sheet is on top useful when you have a lot of pages to be printed. Now I'm curious what was sensitive enough in your printer's name to need censoring. Dan Barowy 4 4 bronze badges. Insert the pile of papers on the tray again so that the printed side is facing up and the text is not upside down.

If the total number of pages is odd, remove the last page Flip the pile of papers and insert it on the tray.

Printing Word Documents

Re: Unable to print with accounting on Mac OS Mojave Jump to solution But Word is a 3rd party, the entire Library Validation thing is Apple, they are blocking 3rd parties intentionally, Xerox cannot be validated or get validation, neither can Canon, or Konica, or Toshiba, or anyone else. Make sure that you are logged into your Admin Account on Mac. However, not every document is suitable for two-sided printing. To delete and add the printer, follow these steps: Click the Apple logo in the upper-left of the screen. To change back to one-sided printing, turn off the duplex setting in the print window.

Lri Lri Open pulldown menu that says "Safari" 4. Select: Print Features 5.

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Scroll down and turn ON duplex Printing function. Scroll down further to "Duplex" function and from drop down menu select "Duplex - Long Edge" 7. At top of printer details. Reactions: strawbale , Beamerboy and hobowankenobi.

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Canon Printers: 2-Sided Printing in Mac OSX

Nov 24, 3 0. At top of printer details View attachment page select "Presets" function and "Save Current Settings as preset" 8. Name the new preset as "Portrait Duplex 2-sided" or some other name that makes sense to you.

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You can also specify which pages you want to print and print on both sides of the page. You can also change the orientation for specific pages or for specific. Select the Layout option. Click on the drop down menu next to the words Two- Sided. To print regular (Portrait) double-sided, select Long-Edge.

Anytime you need to print 2 -sided select this new preset configuration. Dec 19, 1 2. This thread helped me restore the 2-sided printing function for my Epson Artisan printer that was lost when I upgraded my iMac from High Sierra to Mojave. Thank you for taking the time to share it here!

That said, there is one additional setting that I also had to change before I could get two-sided printing to work correctly at least on my particular printer. As another poster has noted, the above steps got double-sided printing working again but the "back" side was rotated the wrong way.

After a lot of experimentation, I discovered that setting the Duplex Tumble option which is buried deep in the Printer Features menu to "DuplexNoTumble" makes double-sided pages print the right way.

How to turn on duplex printing in Word 2011

Reactions: asankey and farrahm R macrumors Nov 2, 1, Thailand. I found that when the Apple-supplied driver for my Canon was re-installed for Mojave, it was missing some features too. Turns out I had to go to the Canon website to get their driver - the Apple one just doesn't support "print quality" settings for my printer now. Reactions: hobowankenobi. R said:. I have seen that from others too Jan 17, 1 2.