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Advanced Mavericks' incompatibility with WD external drives Welcome! I want to upgrade to Mavericks I just read on the Apple forum that, after upgrading to Mavericks, some editor have been unable see or read data on their WD external media storage drives. I called Applecare and they confirmed that this has been a problem that has not yet been resolved.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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Thanks, Phil Reply Quote Re: Mavericks' incompatibility with WD external drives January 22, I called Apple and they said the same thing as Ronny. Next, I called WD support and asked them but they wouldn't confirm it and said it was Apple's duty to make their OS compatible with their drives. In fact, the WD guy made a joke and said upgrading to Mavericks, if you run WD external drives, is like buying a lottery ticket. Not funny. What I'm considering is purchasing a non-WD drive, like Seagate, partitioning it three ways and copying all my media onto that and then doing the upgrade.

Phil Reply Quote Re: Have you checked their web site to see if there is an upgrade? G-Drives are pretty good too.

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If you haven't already download the WD Drive Manager for Mac. Click here WD Drive Double click on the WD Drive Manager zzdesign.lv file. Image. WD has released a newer version of WD Drive Manager. Please download the WD Drive Manager v Software and run it to install the latest version of the.

It would be a good idea to use a different drive to test out the Mavericks upgrade. After you have partitioned, you could use SuperDuper to clone your boot drive to the new drive.

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Then boot from the SuperDuper boot clone on the new drive and dnl Mavericks and run. It also opens up in FCPX as expected. If you have an older drive you just have to make sure you have the latest drivers installed and it will work fine. Best wishes, Ronny Reply Quote Re: The "latter suggests" I could use that to clone the boot drive to a partition of the new drive.

I got a smart WD guy in the Dominican Republic! In addition, I'll use Carbon Copy Cloner 3. Mavericks' incompatibility with WD external drives January 23, I need 3 TB for a non-WD backup drive. I know G-Drives are great but at that size are a bit pricey for me. At one time Seagate was the top of the hill, now, not so much. Brand name drives seem to go through quality cycles and there are fewer manufactures out there.

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Good news. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Western Digital WD also has telephone and email support available. No problems ever reported. As writing is frequently required, it is urgent for us to fix read-only WD hard drive on Mac. There isn't a lot of documentation that comes in the box with the WD My Book drive.

I have bought G-Drives before, they seem to be okay. Many years ago, all of my drives were Seagate, they were very expensive. Can anyone here comment on the quality of Seagate? Seagate has gone down in price but, according to the tech guy is not the best for video files. This will be backup, not to edit with, unless, God forbid, I lose my WD drives. As I said, I need at least 3 TB. Smartware Pro 2. A few days ago I did a complete backup of a Dell Raid 5 server GB and restored the data not programs to a Dell Raid 1 system and took it on line.

I am now finding from the staff that many files were not backed up and restored, most empty folders were not backed up and restored, and some files are in the wrong folders.

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I started to copy the files and folders over and could be doing this for the next 2 months. I switched to Acronis True Image and my backups are not only faster but more reliable. This will allow you to take a snapshot image of your drive.

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For non-personal requirements, see other editions which might better suit your needs. What is the difference — backup using Smartware software versus backup using Acronis software. The biggest difference is reliability in my opinion. I had to restore my computer about 6 months ago and discovered that the backup created by Smartware was incomplete. I dropped Smartware like a hotcake and switched to Acronis True Image. It can even do real-time backups like Smartware was supposed to do. The version of Acronis True image available for free from Western Digital has some limitations so you may not find all of the functionality there.

I use the full Acronis True Image and it has been producing rock solid backups for me for 6 months. I had used it on some client sites before that with great results and actually used to use back in the days of Windows XP when they offered a free download promotion. I just recommend it because I am happy with it. The guy at the store told me that the drive does not need to be plugged into my laptop to back-up. He said if I plug it into my router than I can back it up that way….

Can you help me? The first thing to check is to ensure that you have a USB plug somewhere on your router. Once the drive is plugged in, it may just automatically appear on your network or you may need to do some configuration in your router in order to make the My Book drive available as a shared drive on your network.

Tips for Getting Started with the WD My Book Backup Drive | Mike's Draft Article Bin

How you do this will vary from one router to another. Some routers have you run an application on your computer while others require that you access the router in a web browser.

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You will need the login username and password in order to access your router. Once that is setup, the next step is to access the drive over the network. Unfortunately I am not very familiar with Macs and am not sure how you would do this. There, type in the network address for the router in the address field. Hopefully this means something to you and it works. When the automatic backup runs will these files be deleted from My Book since they are not on the computer hard drive anymore? Or will they be put back on my hard drive? Great question.

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If you backup your photos with smartware, my understanding is that they will only stay there as long as they exist on your computer. If you then delete the photos on your computer, I think they will also be removed from the My Book drive as well. What I recommend you do is to move the photos you want to archive onto a new folder you create on your My Book drive.

The point of a backup is to have your precious information in more than one place in case something bad happens to either your computer or to your My Book drive. If anything ever happened to your My Book drive, your archived photos would be gone for good. If this would be acceptable to you, then by all means go ahead.

I tend to do this myself with files I want to keep but would not be terribly devastated if I lost them as a result of my My Book drive dying. Hi My book has been plugged into the computer since it crashed 2 years ago. It recently had to be wiped clean again, before the book was unplugged, I remember the light of my book going up and down. Any item what happened? How to verify if my book is working now?

In Windows, you should always use the Safely remove hardware and eject media tool located near the clock in the taskbar bottom left of screen before disconnecting the My Book drive.

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While I am no Mac expert I have about 20 minutes Mac experience in total , my understanding is that the OSX equivalent would be to go into Finder and then click the Eject icon next to the name of the device you want to disconnect — before you disconnect it. Then wait for a message telling you that it is safe to eject or disconnect the device. What does this do?