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Studio Deluxe version 1PCI. Dazzle Fusion.

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Dazzle DVC Dazzle DVCb. Dazzle DCS Here are the photos of these 3 different chipsets of EasyCap DC Freeware video capturing softwares and codecs. ArcSoft Showbiz manuals:.

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VideoGlide 1. EasyCapViewer 0. Get paid to share your links!

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Avg Antivirus. Wot Raiting. Child Safety. I think,therefore i am a hamster. If you do get video out of it, and like its output, then forget audio altogether with it and just capture the audio separately, such as with a software app like Audacity through your sound card's Line In.

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Not sure what you're capturing, but if it's a few dozen VHS tapes, this will work. But if it's TV programs, then it's not practical, and - not to be mean, but frank - I will then tell you to forget any "fix" and get another capture device instead. I watched or tried to watch the images were too small for my eyes where the party spoke of install different CODEC's and setting the capture to not try to compress any of the audio.. No, that's not what I meant.

Sure there's a setting in VirtualDub to capture through the sound card's Line In, but since you're having problems with that I was suggesting capturing the audio using a separate audio process that has nothing to do with your capture device, or even VirtualDub, or even video. Focussing on just the audio in the second capture will be less conflicting with other features you're running while trying to capture video, or with video capture software. You can even encode the audio afterwards to AC-3 for better compression for your DvD.

I know it's more work capturing twice beforehand, but keep in mind, it's one of the few workarounds most of us here can suggest with a - proven - problematic device like yours without saying to get another one. PuzZLeR: Thanks for the suggestions, while I only have one maybe two VHS tapes that would be worth going to that much trouble, with the fact that this 'clone' item is still being sold through many sellers you would think that a single software fix would be out there Multiple captures aren't that much trouble when it's just unattended work, and most likely you'd have to edit anyway.

But I understand. As for your device, it's a farce. It's a complete ripoff of the real thing, and badly designed, and packaged with outdated, buggy, and likely pirated software, and I'm not surprised if there's no "fix" or any real support at all.

So, I say forget it. It probably wouldn't do good work anyway, and likely give you more problems down the road with capturing or even damage your PC. Good product.

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Oct 20 , AM. Wut is this? If hd quality, must be at least component or hdmi input signal A capture card that can record in hd usually cost around RM or more!!! Shop All Categories. It came with a CD to download the software but I have a netbook which of course has no disc drive. More details on what you need and how to do has been sent to your inbox.

Many of us here like the ATI USB, but unfortunately it's been discontinued years ago, and likely will either not work in modern systems, or will be problematic with them, so I only recommend this unit if you have an older XP machine you can use for capturing. Originally Posted by DavidEC. I understand that there are many devices by the same name.. Similar Threads No audio using the easycap By crableg in forum Capturing. Replies: 36 Last Post: 20th Aug , Replies: 5 Last Post: 29th Jan , EasyCap and no audio By Michwendt3 in forum Capturing.

Replies: 2 Last Post: 8th Feb , Replies: 1 Last Post: 8th Jul , Not getting audio using Easycap usb 2. Mar 22, Usually, TV tuner drivers come as part of a package that also contains the video playback software.

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This way, users get to enjoy a more stable,. Windows driver: easycap video adapter - windows 7 drivers, easycap video adapter Driver for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 roxio video capture. Supports Windows Vista and Windows 7 both 32bit. Easycap 2.

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The EasyCAP is a USB device with video and audio input sockets to capture First, you need to go get the driver for Mac OS X, and that can be. EasyCapViewer - High performance, low latency driver for the EasyCap DC Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and trusted.

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