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It is awesome to have newbin and it's internet search function available to me on OSX.

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Yes it's a full VM solution but once you go down that road there's no worries with things breaking. Virtualbox is free an works very well but you will need a valid Windows license. Keep in mind what they're doing and how they accomplished it - I still find it pretty amazing you can wrap an entire OS as a container that lets you run it as if it's just the application.

I admit it doesn't shock me that the apple port might need more love - they always seemed to have less interest in wine. There's always a VM This coming from someone who has used Windows since the 3.

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Kids today are missing out on how we had to use CLI's to do some basic stuff. I'm off on a tangent here, but would also be nice if they could come up with a way to save files to the cloud natively instead of saving to a google drive or dropbox folder and then uploading.

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But how do I access the files it downloaded? I'm able to see them in the MacOnX architecture but is there a way to move the mpg from that to one of the regular mac folders? The support at the WinOnX site looks pretty weak but I sent them an email. I was just hoping to bump into someone who actually used it for newsbin.

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May 7, What a great little application! Kenny Pollock macrumors regular. Aug 26, 0 Hollywood, FL.

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They gather files for you! On initial setup of the nntp server, they check and verify the address is an actual server before you can enter authentication! That's a kickass feature, and saves time, tons of it. Hey macrumors Jul 17, 0.

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I want to try it out, can anyone recommend free news servers? My ISP news servers suck. May 7, 2, 2 2 Much Infinite Loops. May 7, 2, Saint Augustine, FL. Originally posted by Mr. uses cookies.

Our step by step guides will show you how to configure these newsreaders for our service. Is Usenet legal? With HelloNzb you can download from Usenet servers via Nzb files. With NZB Drop there is no more climbing through mountains of headers. You can get these files from sites such as those listed below. They allow you to download files in pieces by indexing where the files are located on the Usenet server. More posts from the usenet community.

Hey cool app. Below is a list of Newsreaders that have been assembled by popularity and the platforms they support.

2nd place - NZBGet

With your Newsdemon account, you will need a Newsreader to access the thousands of Uncensored Newsgroups that Usenet provides. Here are some popular Newsreader choices:. Newsbin Pro One of the most popular Newsreaders for Windows users.

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Newsbin Pro Tutorial. Newsleecher Newsleecher is a combination of many features and functions.

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Newsbin is a Windows-only program; there is no Macintosh version. If you do most of your downloading with NZB files, you might like our Super-NZB. NewsBin Pro is a Usenet NNTP newsreader that downloads and decodes . Super-NZB is an NZB-file downloader for Windows and Mac OS X. It will open your.

Built in search is additional. Windows only.