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How to Use Spotify Equalizer to Enhance Your Listening Experience

Ever wish you had a system wide equalizer to adjust all audio output in Mac OS X and not just in iTunes? Maybe you want to adjust the way all audio output sounds or maybe you just want to boost the output volume of the built-in Mac speakers.

Part 2. How to Add An Equalizer to Windows/Mac

We'll show you how to do both by creating your own universal EQ using two free tools, follow along:. Download and install both Soundflower and AU Lab, you will then need to restart your Mac to have full access to the audio components. Once rebooted, follow along with the instructions below:. It's important to note that AU Lab must be running in order for the equalizer to have an effect, keeping it running will consume a small amount of CPU resources but it's much less process hungry than some of the third party alternatives available on the market.

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May 30, Last Updated: May 30, Select "Soundflower 2ch " from the Output list. Click the "Create Document" button at the bottom of the screen. If not, please let's take a look at how it works here. An equalizer refers to a device used in equalization for processing of audio singles. This technology was initially used in recording studios but becomes popular later.

By manipulating the frequencies and adjusting different elements of sound, it can make the audio appeals to the listeners. To set the Spotify equalizer, you don't need extra hardware or software, just use the the built-in feature. Step 1.

Per-app EQ

Launch Spotify on your iPhone, click the "Library" icon in the lower-right corner and then tap "Settings" gear icon in the top-right corner. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. When it is done, you you notice the difference of the songs played in the Spotify app. Scroll the window down until you see the "Music Quality" and then tap the "Equalizer" below it. You will receive a warning pop up "Equalizer can alter volume unexpectedly on some devices.

If you experience problems, please disable it.

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Then you can change the music band you like from a series of presets and adjust the frequencies in the same way like you do on iOS devices. As of the time of writing this article, we checked there is still not an official equalizer for desktop computers including both Windows and Mac. But just don't worry.

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There are multiple third party equalizers can help such as the Equalify Pro for Windows and the eqMac2 which a a system-wide audio equalizer for Mac. This means you don't have to pay for the Mac equalizer to get full features.

How To: System-Wide Equalizer for Mac OSX

But if you kind enough, you may donate for it. Here I will take the Windows version to show how it works.

8 Of The Best Audio Equalizers for Windows 10

Download and install Equalify to your Windows computer from the official website, the plugin will be integrated into your Spotify app automatically. Restart your Spotify and use it to play any song you want, you will see the samll "EQ" icon on the top bar. Click "EQ" button to expand the equalizer window and then you will be able to select the band of music you like from the presets like Acoustic, Bass Boost, Classical and much more. Similarly, you can install the eqMac2 and use the equalizer on your Mac computer. There are a lot of options to mess around with.

But as it is so easy and the instruction is basically the same, I won't illustrate it anymore. Besides the equalizers we mentioned above, there are still other great ways to make your music sounds like never before.

What's in this list?

Note that if you have other audio unit plug-ins installed it is now possible to apply them to your whole system. The ValerEQ is DX Directshow based professional equalizer provides five ranges of fully parametric equalization of audio signal. The good news… the tool is free. But it requires a developer tool to access it. Loxer Rock Star Thank You!

For example, if you have subscribed to the Spotify premium membership, you can also adjust the music quality to a maximum value on your devices. All you need is a specific music downloader. Perhaps this one is not the fastest converter in the market but it is the one with best quality I have ever met.