Mac excel arrow keys dont work

Arrow keys not working in Microsoft Office for mac 2011

If the issue persists, there may be an issue with a third-party font file in your home folder.

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Fonts list - totally skips Tiger! When we go to this article for information, it details how to disable Fonts - Since the other User Accounts are joyful. Bad news is that it may be some other file see reference to Super BIG bold sentence above. Sep 22, 1: I am the only user for this macbook. So, following the instructions that you mention further ahead to isolate the software bug I have created a new user account, and ALL keys work in this new account.

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When I mentioned the solution"s", I meant all in the section " one or more keys on the keyboard do not respond" and the " how to troubleshoot a software issue". I have not tried any other source other than apple support. THe results on the keyboard viewer: When these are pressed in combination with fn, ctrl, alt, cmd they highlight.

I ' ll try to test that font suggestion. Not very promising.

How to turn off Scroll Lock in Excel

ANyway, thank you for all the time you spent on this matter. If I ever come to a point were this problem is solved, I'll let you know. Sep 22, 6: Wait a little and see if one or more show up. Sep 22, 8: Sep 29, 1: I wish I had a Genius bar in my country but unfortunately we don't have it here. So unless I want to pay for a diagnostic I have to try it for myself.

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Pam - Dec 18, at Your report is due in an hour. First, make sure Scroll Lock is really enabled. Add-ons for Microsoft Word - I have also disconnected from the network, and again the keys don't work Software added or updated have you tried 'Safe Boot' with the User that is experiencing this? Fortunately, turning it off is easy.

After trying almost everything, I have solved my problem. Stupidly or not it was very simple, and I still don't know why and how it worked, but it did. I was getting tiree of seeing the keyboard viewer in the menu bar and so I went to system preferences to remove it in the language and text section. After that I gave it another try in the keyboard section.

Excel up and down arrow keys move page instead of cell

I clicked on the modifier keys and a window appeared with. For each modifer key I pressed this button and went to try the arrow keys in several applications Sep 29, 6: It's just curiosity because my problem is solved. Absolutely NOT! Curious in that something or somebody must have been responsible for whatever modification was made to the "select keyboard For each modifier key You may never know.

Nov 10, I have this problem also but it comes and goes randomly it will work for a while and then the next page I'm on and try to scroll it won't work and I go back into the keyboard and reset and then it will work for a while again. HELP this is ridiculous. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search.

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This article has done its job, and will be retiring soon. To prevent 'Page not found' woes, we're removing links we know about. If you've created links to this page. 5 days ago Arrow keys not working in Microsoft Office for mac I don't see a scroll option on excel. Keyboard is working in other applications.

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Typically, when a cell is selected in a sheet and you press the arrow keys, the selection moves between individual cells, either up or down, or left or right, depending on the arrow key you press. However, if you press the arrow keys when Scroll Lock is on, you scroll one row up or one row down. Or, you scroll one column to the left or one column to the right.

Easy Tech Fix - MS Excel - Arrow Keys Not Working (Troubleshooting)

Once pressed, Scroll Lock is enabled. Respond to skoetter. Report Respond to Katie. Katie Jul 11, at Respond to Katie. Report Respond to jcs.

Turning off scroll lock without the keyboard key

A bit of a pain because that means you can't modify ranges etc just by clicking on the cell with the formula. Lou - Aug 21, at Command Option Return.

Thank you! That did the trick for all cells. This is not helping me. Now I can't type anything. Respond to jcs. Report Respond to somguy. Respond to somguy. Report Respond to someotherguy. Respond to someotherguy. Report Respond to meeckeymouse. Respond to meeckeymouse.