How to customize your mac laptop

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Your computing stuff is right in front of you, or is it? When you keep your stuff crammed on your desktop, you end up having to scan your screen for one particular file, an alias, or a particular type of icon, which ends up taking you more time to locate on your desktop than in your Documents folder!

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Arrange your desktop so that you see only a few icons for the files or documents that you use the most. Leave the rest of the desktop for that cool image of your favorite actor or actress.

Besides keeping things clean, there are a number of other tweaks that you can make to your desktop:. From the pop-up menu, choose the criteria that Mountain Lion uses to automatically arrange your desktop icons, including the item name, the last modification date, or the size of the items.

1. Start With a Brand New Wallpaper

It doesn't scale up to the maximum x images offered by Snow Leopard, but who actually displays their icons that large anyway? It's the icon creator of choice for the professionals.

1. Mute Siri

Read More:. Dig deeper, however, and you'll find a heap of useful settings and options that let you customize your computing experience. Pulldown menus accessed through the menu bar often list keyboard shortcuts as alternatives. With the App Store open, go to the bar at the top of the screen and choose App Store followed by Preferences. Under the Login Items heading, you can remove apps with the minus button or add new apps with the plus button. People have different preferences.

If you prefer to work from a plain desktop, you can set it as a solid colour. And if you really wanted, you can even set it up to change the picture at userdefined intervals. But you're not restricted to using desktop wallpapers supplied with the operating system. There are thousands of wallpapers available online too.

Personalise your Mac's look and feel to suit you

Make sure you use the correct size image for your monitor you can check what size you need in the Display preference pane. To change your account icon, open System Preferences and select the Accounts pane.


Now let's play with some cool ways to customise your Mac's visual setup. to maximise screen space, especially on smaller laptop screens. The MacBook Pro I'm writing this article on is my first laptop in nine months. Last March, my MacBook Air had an unfortunate drowning incident;.

Now click on your startup icon and select a new one. Alternatively, select Edit Picture to resize your image, choose a picture from your Mac or take a snap with your iSight camera. When Apple released OS X Leopard, its new translucent menu bar proved to be so unpopular, that the option to make the colour solid was added in with the release of As translucent menu bars can prove to be quite difficult to read with some desktop images, this option is very handy.

The icons at the right of the menu bar, offering pull-down menus for specific applications and features, are called menulets. Most of these are added to the menu bar using System Preferences or an application's own preference options. For example, if you want to add or remove Sound, Universal Access, Bluetooth or Time Machine menulets, go to their respective preference panes and check or uncheck the box. Some menulets disappear when their respective app is shut down, while others can be removed by simply dragging them off the menu bar while holding down the Command key.

Here you will find plenty of files with the extension '.

How to Personalize Your MacBook Desktop

Double-clicking on one of these will add its menulet to the menu bar. The Eject menulet is especially useful if you're using a keyboard that has no eject key. Select the Screen Saver tab for a list of all currently installed screen savers and a preview of the one that's currently active.

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  • 2. Change your wallpaper…all day long.
  • Top 7 Ways to Personalize Your Mac Desktop;

You can select one, opt for a random saver to be chosen and define a hot corner to manually activate or disable your screen saver. You can set how long your computer must be inactive before the screen saver kicks in too.

24 hidden settings that can maximize your Mac | Popular Science

To set up a slideshow as your screen saver, choose one of the options listed under Library. Double-click on it for custom options such as cross-fade and zoom, and use the Display Style buttons under the preview window to opt for one photo at a time, multiple rotating photos or a mosaic. Experiment with these options and watch the preview. You can also add a third-party screen saver.

Customize the desktop picture on your Mac

If it doesn't have an installer, locate the file with the extension. A free utility called Wallsaver lets you use your screen saver as your desktop image. It's very impressive, but you must choose a screen saver within Wallsaver's preferences; it won't simply opt for the one you have currently set up. BumpTop turns your desktop into a cool 3D environment. You can pin files and folders onto the back wall out of the way and even put desktop items into piles on the floor, which work a little like your Dock's Stacks feature.

2. Set Up a Custom Color Scheme