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Burger King Trolls McDonald’s Yet Again With an Entire Menu Mocking the Big Mac

Thanks so much! The dressing is 4 points for the entire recipe. Or 1 point per 2 tbsp.

How to Cook a McDonalds Big Mac (But Better)

Thanks so much. I loved this, i made it for my whole family and they loved it as well. Even my picky husband would definitely make again! Eating it now. But confused on the points. I figured it based on nutrition provided and mine is showing 12 points per serving. The rest of the ingredients have calories but they do not have points.

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It can eaten both ways. I usually eat the hamburger warm the first time, and have the other servings as leftovers, with the hamburger meat cold- so you can definitely meal prep and add the dressing later! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.


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Prep Time 10 minutes. Cook Time 10 minutes.

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Total Time 20 minutes. Instructions Spray a large skillet with non stick cooking spray. Add the mined garlic. Place dressing in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Recommended Products. Comments Suggestion: buy more than a lb of meat. My 1lb only yielded 12 oz!

What is the Big Mac Sauce?

The amount of time that it'll take to make a Big Mac is around Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. McDonald's Big Mac sauce is one of the most iconic condiments around, but there's no reason it should be This video file cannot be played.

We're just gonna add in some mayonnaise into a mixing bowl, a little bit of American mustard, about a tablespoon, some sweet, smoky paprika, some onion powder, season it with salt and pepper, a little bit of white wine vinegar, some diced pickle gherkins, and then we're very, very simply gonna give this a mix up. We're just gonna set that, our Big Mac sauce, to one side and get on with the burgers.

Here we've got just sesame seed buns, and then what I've also got here is the center piece.

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Now, this is gonna form the middle layer. Let's just get these into a pan for a minute or so on each side. While we do that, all we're gonna do is season up our beef. Now, traditionally, a Big Mac is simply two beef patties seasoned lightly with salt and pepper, so that is all we're gonna do.

Just mix that seasoning in.


I hope you enjoy it. Would sweet gherkin relish be alright substitute for sweet pickle relish as jars of sweet pickle relish is not avaliable to buy in my country. My wife and I have been discussing making our own patties for a while, your Instructable made it happen, thank you! Reply Upvote. Yes No.

Just remove these from the pan, set them onto your board, and then now we're just gonna roll out our meat. I like to grab two sheets of grease proof paper, beef goes down, another layer goes on top, and then you can just start to push this down. Just roll your meat out so it's nice and thin, and then we just wanna cut these out just a little bit bigger than your burger bun. Just trim them down to a nice circle, and then just kind of push it out, compress the sides. So with your patties molded, we're just gonna add a little bit of oil into the pan, and then we're just gonna drop these in.

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So the burgers are cooking for about a minute or so on each side. We can give them a flip, add on some plastic cheese. I'm gonna cover those. It's gonna heat down slightly, and all that's gonna happen now is that heat's gonna keep within this little bowl, and it's gonna melt that cheese on top. A Big Mac couldn't be a Big Mac without iceberg lettuce.

Finely slice it or shred it. I'm just gonna take that lid off. You can see the burger and the patty, and the cheese is just melted down really nicely on top. So we've got our iceberg lettuce for some crunch.


We're also gonna use half of a white onion. Finely dice this, and we're just gonna lift our patties out.

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Pop them onto a plate just to rest.