Paula deen mac and cheese with bacon recipe

15 Mac & Cheese Recipes That Could Change Your Life

And what brand cheese do you like to use? Thank you. I made this several times now and its so delicious!

Paula Deen's Beef Mac n Cheese - Episode 10 - Taste From Home

So good. Had an extra kick to it. Regular cheese soup was ok but i liked the nacho cheese soup better. Unless I did something wrong. I had a problem with melting the cheese with the butter. If I where to make it again I would melt only the butter then add the shredded cheese in the Crock-Pot and then let the cheese melt there.

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How to make mac and cheese in the slow cooker

Once baked for 20 minutes the cheese coagulates with the macaroni and not the same thing. I wouldnt make this dish again.

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I had a wet macaroni and cheese at a restaurant that was creamy and didnt have as much cheese bite to it…so thats what im looking for, but I can see how some will like this. Good luck in your quest. Glad your man enjoyed this and thanks for sharing your success!

Sussi — did you try this amazing recipe? Glad you tried it out. This is it! This, however, could do it. I will definitely try it soon.


I made the Mac and cheese yesterday, and I would suggest not baking it. I tasted it befor I put it the oven, and it was the best ever.

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Get Bacon Pimento Macaroni and Cheese Recipe from Food Network. Get Paula Deen's Creamy Macaroni and Cheese recipe from Food Network. Sharp cheddar cheese and sour cream add tang and richness to this comfort- food.

However after I baked it, it became too dry. I would also cut down on the Panko crumbs a little. Over all the taste and flavor were awesome. I just bought to a pot luck and it was eaten in about 3 minutes. Happy to hear that mostly everyone is enjoying this recipe! Seth—this does seem to be popular at potlucks and get togethers.

Three minutes is probably a new record, though : For those of you who wish this ended up creamier after baking: I use a large, oval ceramic baking dish when I make this and it maintains quite a bit of creaminess while thoroughly heating everything together. In any case, as long as you thoroughly heat this over the stove when you add the cheese—cooking it in the pot for a few minutes to make sure the eggs are no longer raw, you can probably skip the baking altogether if you want to.

Both my husband and I loved your recipe! Thank you for sharing! Verrrry sharp tasting, and I only used half the cheese. This is so not that kind. This is very rich and fairly creamy if you use a ceramic baking dish and you can definitely taste the sharpness of the cheddar. I made it a day ahead for a potluck at work. I did add the butter, but it turned out solidified and simply tasteless. A few bites were taken but I threw out the rest. Not sure why everyone else is so thrilled with this………..

I second that fresh recommendation. I love this recipe.

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But hey, opinions are always welcome…. I made this for my boyfriends birthday yesterday. Never again will I look for a mac and cheese recipe!

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I used fettuccine noodles and it was incredible! Thanks for sharing!! My family and I are always looking for a great homemade Mac and Cheese. Well, I cooked this recipe last night. After the first mouthful I received the grunt.

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Yes, the grunt. Oh, there was even some verbal communications. My husband and I really enjoyed this recipe a lot.

Paula Deen's Crockpot Macaroni & Cheese |

My younger two loved it. This is a fantastic recipe. I personally loved its sharp flavor, but for mass appeal, I might suggest either substituting the sharp cheddar for mild cheddar,or you could substitute 8 oz of the sharp cheddar for 8 additional oz of Velveta.

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This sounds amazing. Just the right combo for a chilly fall day. Chicken Pot Pie. To each his own Mitchel! Good, but too sharp. Mixed in chopped up bacon just before putting it in the baking dish which gave it an awesome flavor. No need to brown the panko, just heat butter up in oven for a minute or so then dump into panko, add paprika and some fresh ground black proper and mix thoroughly. Apparently my oven runs cool—I made this using a hotter oven and it was ready to go after 12 minutes at Can I assemble this a few hours in advance, let it sit, and throw it in oven for baking right before serving?

If you stick to a metal pan and maybe pull it out to acclimate a little bit 20 min. Hope that helps! Ok, so I got this recipe via an email.

I am definitely going to make this again. Anyhow, what size and type of pan would you advise using to bake the pasta? Thank you in advance! Hey, Lorraine! More cheese. Need I say more? If it's got Mama Deen's touch, then it obviously has to be the best. Not exactly the healthiest, but definitely the heartiest. It doesn't get much better than cheese and fried food. Save yourself the trouble of going to the cheesecake factory and make this copy cat recipe at home. Wanna spice up your cheesy cravings? This recipe has all the creamy traits of your favorite mac-n-cheese recipe with beef, tomatoes or even bell peppers if you're feeling crazy.

Let's take stuffing things into meat to the next level. If you feel like putting your cholesterol on the line, fry these suckers for just a bit to get a crispy brown and crunchy coat. You know Southerners; they'll take just about anything and make it into a casserole. But they sure know what they're doing, this delicious recipe serves up to eight or one if you really set your mind to it.