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Let's Play Fable Part-38 Jack Of All Trades

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Jack of All Trades™

The Set-Up. The Test of Discipline. The guide is otherwise not relevant for you. Why would Square Enix impose such a inane feat?

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Perhaps the developers felt that artificially outputting high "gameplay hours" on this Steam remake will merit a bigger pay raise. Or perhaps it will merely satisfy the executives, enough to not get themselves fired. Whichever the case, these b stards affected us, the completionist gamers, and now we are here today to go after this achievement. Whether you are completeting this achievement first, or last.

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Knowledge of Job Levels Understanding the growth of Job Classes in FF3 in important because you will realize how easy it actually is to level jobs. I highly recommend this multilingual guide here on Steam's FF3 community for a more in-depth look on maximizing your efficiency when leveling all four characters. To summarize the referenced guide: You can only gain one job level per person, per battle. Each job has different amounts of job exp required to level up.

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See guide for full list of "amount of job action exp required for each job". Configurations Before we start 'fighting' a buncha monsters for the next hundreds of hours, some pre-configurations will fractionally cut the time needed to complete this. In the game's launcher menu , select a relatively smaller Resolution, other than the max. Choices will differ depending on monitors. Next, uncheck the following: In the game's in-game menu , go to 'Config' and you will want to set everything as follows on Config 1: Every second matters to us as we waste as little as possible getting making this grind.

Faster text, same cursor spot, and running makes a difference in saved seconds of our life. This include's the main chacter's home town free resting area and the surrounding forest areas chock-full of level 1 monsters. You are beginning this epic grind as Freelancer, the first job you recieve in the game. All 4 heroes are switched to this job. Equipment is optional, especially if this is done late-game where the monsters will barely phase you. Equiping also wastes time.

Pulling data from the referenced guide , it takes 5 actions for the Freelancer job to level up once. You will roam around the starting area and hunt for random monster encounters. Once engaged, you will use the "Defend" action for all four characters for 5 turns.

Killing the last monster with one character while defending with the rest on the 5th turn! This action is to be repeated for all 24 classes, all to level 99, for all 4 characters. By the time you near level 99 with your first job set, you will most likely have gotten used to the leveling groove. You can literally look away and mindlessly tap the "Confirm" button while you go do something else.

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Doing something else while "defending" and killing monsters is the key to overcoming this long grind. Here are some things to do while multitasking this grind; including peripherals that can comfortably aid you through this grind these are all optional and in no way required to help obtain the achievement: Your fingers will not start feeling well after a couple hours spamming a button in the same position. You can relax on a couch or your bed while in a more comfortable position, assuming your corded controller is long enough, or better yet, you have a wireless controller.

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You can walk around or do minor excercises. The plug-and-play controller support is great, but some people may run into technical issues that are variable for every different computer.

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A minimzed windowed game while "unpause game while running in the background" will allow us to multitak on our PC while leveling in this game. Then log in to see your favorited games here! Don't have an account yet? Be sure to sign up to use this feature. This game is currently blocked due to the new privacy regulation and www. In order for you to continue playing this game, you'll need to click "accept" in the banner below. This game uses modern browser features which your browser doesn't support. For the best results, please get the latest version of Google Chrome.

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