Mac address book server setup

Manual setup of on Mac OS X

BusyContacts syncs with several social networks — Facebook macOS You can connect to a social network in Account Preferences. The social network address books are read-only, so you can view the contacts on social networks but you cannot edit them. Although you can't edit the contacts on social networks, you can link them with contacts on your writable address books.

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By doing so, you can associate the photos, birthdays and other data fetched from the social network cards with your writable address book cards. In addition to fetching photos and other contact info, BusyContacts will display recent tweets from your Twitter contacts in the Activity List. If OS X Contacts is already syncing with a cloud-based service, it should automatically sync with BusyContacts once you've configured BusyContacts to sync with the same account as described above.

BusyContacts runs only on the Mac but it can sync with the built-in Contacts app on iOS through a cloud-based service. BusyContacts will only sync contacts with an iOS device through a cloud-based service.

Synchronizing with OS X

You may change the color of an address book and the color of all of its contacts by control-clicking on it and choosing a color, or double-clicking on it to open the Address Book Info dialog. The Tag List appears in the left sidebar. Selecting a tag in the Tag List will filter the view to show only contacts that are assigned to that tag.

The Card View lists your contacts in a single column on the left with each card displaying a photo, name and subtitle company, title, city or email domain. For more info, see Card View and List View.

How to manage your contacts sourced from the Synology network attached storage (NAS)

While viewing a contact, if you hover the pointer over a field, a link will appear enabling you to perform the default action for that field when clicked e. If you click on a field label, you will see the other actions that can be performed for that particular field type. If you have multiple values of the same type e.

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The primary field for each type is displayed first. So, in the example above, setting the mobile phone as Primary, will move it to the top of the list of phone numbers. BusyContacts will parse the data, enter it into the appropriate fields, and put you into Edit mode where you can further edit the information. You can then tab through the fields and enter your data.

As you type, a list of matching entries will be displayed and the text will auto-complete as you type. For example, typing "app" in the Company field will auto-fill "Apple". While editing a contact, if you need to enter a field that is not showing by default, click the add field popup menu on the bottom of the info panel and choose a field to add. If you want to show the field by default, you can add it in Info Panel Preference.

For more info, see Creating and Editing Contacts. Click Next:. The account has been added.

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The device itself selects the secure port. You can check this in Advanced settings of the newly added account. Your Synology contacts are now displayed in the Contacts app. To view only Synology contacts, go to Groups:.

Set up e-mail account in Apple Mac Mail

If you have Synology access set up on your iPhone, the contacts sourced from this network attached storage will be in read-only mode in CopyTrans Contacts. This means that you can export these contacts to a hard drive or Outlook, but you cannot edit or delete them.

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To edit these contacts, connect Synology to CopyTrans Contacts as explained below. Then click on the Continue button. At the Account Settings screen, provide the name that will appear in the Contacts app for the account in the Description field and then enter the search base in the Search base field.

To determine the search base, use the serveradmin command. The list then appears.

Sync your Outlook contacts with Mac Address Book

The default port for the Contacts service is , as seen earlier in the configuration of the client. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.