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Have a license for alternative software? Get special "migration" discount! Intuitive and friendly it offers all convenient options that one may need to work with files — view, copy from server to server, delete, create, and more. All securely encoded.

Connection Manager

Upgrade to PRO. Tabbed browsing, multiple connections at a time — all to provide flawless and effective file transfer for Mac.

Map FTP server as your local drive to work with files as if they are located at your local machine — copy, delete, create, edit, etc. Amazon S3.

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Store any number of files of any size in your Amazon S3 and get easy access to them with Commander One. Mount Amazon storage as a local drive Link your Amazon S3 storage with Commander One and manage your online content like local files and folders but without copying them on your Mac. Link your entire Amazon S3 account or only specific buckets If you do not need to work with all files you have in Amazon S3 you can link specific buckets to manage them in Commander One.

Connection Manager The fastest way to access and manage all your clouds and network servers in one place.

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  • Commander One!

FTP Manager. Access and work with your Amazon S3 account, link entire storage or certain buckets. Mount multiple Dropbox accounts.

Integrate Dropbox to share files directly from the app. Google Drive. Mount multiple Google Drive accounts to work with all your sheets and docs in a professional dual-pane style. OneDrive NEW. Link your Microsoft storage with Commander One and access your online files the same way as local ones.

Find your best FTP client for Mac

Free file manager. Commander One is packed with the most important functionality for a fast and reliable file management. No matter if you are a professional or just finding your way to becoming one — Commander One is your all-in-one solution for the full control over your documents. Learn more about Mac File Manager.

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FTP protocol is also widely used by the webmaster, for example, when downloading the site pages to the server. FTP is based on work sessions, supports user authentication and text mode, allows you to perform operations on the file system. The main feature of FTP is that with its help multiple, in particular, binary connection is possible. One of the channels is the command channel that receives commands from the server and returns the answers.

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  4. CrossFTP Download?
  5. For your convenience we’ve made a list of top FTP client Mac solutions!
  6. Best FTP client for Mac users | Commander One?

The rest are used directly for data transfer. In addition to the above, FTP allows you to reduce the cost of traffic and the time spent on sending large files. File Transfer Protocol can work in two modes — active and passive. In case of active mode, a client sends its IP address and a server creates a connection with it. In case of passive mode, a client receives from a server the number of a dynamic port and establishes a connection with the client via this port.

Passive mode is generally used by clients behind the firewall. However, with the great variety of FTP Mac solutions on the market, it is very easy to lose your head. So what is the best FTP client for Mac? Having a dual-panel interface, Commander One makes it easy for you to manage all the files thus saving time for opening and closing a lot of tabs.

In addition to dual-panel interface, the app can boast about other handy features that most of the users would find rather attractive.

With Commander One mount online storages and servers and deal with them as they are your local drives. The app itself does not store any logins or passwords as all this information is securely kept in Mac OS Keychain. Next on our list is CloudMounter.

Work with online files just like in the same way as with local files — create, view, edit, delete, and also upload and download files from remote servers. With help of CloudMounter you can easily encrypt all the data stored in your cloud or servers. Upload, download, delete, do backups, manage websites, easily limit bandwidth, synchronize or compare files and many more.

The key feature of this app is that it makes possible to transfer files at a really fast speed no matter the service.