Mac studio fix vs nars powder foundation

Every single MAC foundation tested on half a face

Afterwards, I apply it to my face and with only a few pumps I get a full coverage! MAC- It has a much thicker consistency and it definitely isn't watery like the Nars one, I do use pumps usually to apply it evenly to my entire face. And comparing the two, it is definitely much thicker and gives an equal or tiny bit less coverage. NARS: I absolutely loved the effect I get when using this foundation, I literally feel like my skin is radiant and glowing.

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However in a way it is kind of good as you can see the coverage of the foundations! Most of my foundation are the same shades as yours! Bare Minerals sephora. Latest Posts Bio. Considering how Asia is only the largest continent on this planet Geography , anybody?

It definitely has a 'luminious effect' and if I am being completely honest, I haven't come across a foundation as light, glowy and with a flawless finish. MAC : I still love the the effect of the studio fix foundation and its finish is completely different from Nars.

Is Powder Or Liquid Foundation Better For Your Skin? Here’s How To Find Out

I would describe it more like a matte finish, it doesn't give luminousity but a matte glow finish. So I guess it depends on what finish or effect you want. I like both to be honest, just depends on what I prefer that day I guess. Makeup: Nars: Benares.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation Review (Oily Skin) - 12 Days of Foundation Day 6

At the end of the day, I could see a lot of oil and often had to blot it away. To find out if you have oily skin please see my previous post on how to find your skin type. If you don't have an oily skin type, I would definitely recommend you use a primer as a base first. Its not particularly good for dry skin types, so if this you, you probably won't get on well with this.

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NARS vs MAC. Foundation Until literally about a month ago, I did not wear foundation. I got out of the vicious I went for the MAC Studio Fix in 'NC30'. With a powder over the top to set it, it really does last all day. Even on. I have been using MAC Studio Fix foundation for a while but I still feel like it gives a orange kinda look. I heard from someone that NARS' foundation is much.

Liquid Powder Cream Stick 8. Mineral 6. Natural Matte Dewy Benefit 6.

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Bobbi Brown Clarins 8. Clinique DIOR Elizabeth Arden 7.

Another teeny con for us was the lack of SPF. So, if you do decide to get this product, make sure to add a good sun block to your shopping cart too. Specially formulated to give you a flawless and natural look, it lasts through heat and humidity without changing color or coming off on your clothes!

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There seems to be a wide market out there for women with normal to oily skin. Estee Lauder has always been on our watch list for its moderately affordable products that go on our faces like a dream. However, if those are cons you just rolled your eyes at, then, as our top pick for women with oily to combination skin, make sure you get your hands on it.

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It will definitely stay with you longer than your boyfriend ever will! The Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation is a unique formula that boasts of light reflecting pigments that capture your skin at its best light, day or night. The added goodness of moisturizers gives your skin a double boost of hydration all day long for that perfect dewy finish.

A foundation created keeping the needs of the dry skinned women in mind. Oily to combination skinned women, especially ones with fading scars would be well advised to stay far, far away.

Best & Worst: Powder Foundations

But if you have normal to dry skinned and looking for that perfect dewy finish, our advice to you would be to hold on to this foundation and never let go. A long wearing formula, it keeps you looking fresh and natural through humidity, heat and non-stop activity. Use it for skin that feels soft and supple, while you feel lightweight and comfortable. Due to its creamy texture, we found that applying this cream foundation on was a fairly simple process.

What we love about this product is that despite its relatively low price point, it does a fantastic job of doing everything it says it can do. The long wear formula lasted us a good hours before starting to fade out, and the velvety finish provided a soft matte finish as opposed to the matte looks we see with other products in this category.

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Keep in mind though that the shade ranges are extremely limited here only three , and that as a sheer, oil-free foundation, it is more suitable for oily skinned women not looking to hide any active marks or scars. The Etude House Double Lasting Foundation is a long wear foundation that provides the perfect cover with a lightweight, fitting feel.

Which are the best powder foundations?

Tested to provide coverage that lasts you for all the 24 hours of a day. Since its debut, Etdue House has made subtle but steady inroads into the global fashion market. As an Asian beauty brand, they understand the Asian beauty market better than most Western competitors. We decided to test their claim of hour power on ourselves, and are happy to report that summers, humidity and sweat notwithstanding, the foundation stayed on for a long time without needing any reapplications.

Our only grouse with this foundation would be that somewhere around midday, the foundation started to oxidize giving the skin an ashy, tired appearance, which is why it definitely needed some tinkering. Keep in mind though that since this is a highly pigmented formula, you absolutely must apply it with a light hand if a soft, natural look is what you have in mind.