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Following favourable feedback from users, the company later decided to distribute the software as a standalone product. Starting in early , ConnectWise changed the name of ScreenConnect to ConnectWise Control, saying that this was to simplify their software under one company. The product is a self-hosted server application [5] [6] that permits the primary user to host the software on their own servers, PC, virtual machine VM , or virtual private server VPS.

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Once installed, the central web application can be made visible inside and outside of the local area network LAN. ConnectWise Control has a proprietary protocol and exposes an open architecture structure that can be utilized by users to implement custom plugins, scripting, or various integrations. A generic use model would start with a host initiating a session through the central web application.

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A participant would then join a session by clicking on an email link or via the guest page of the application. An unattended client can be created and deployed to a targeted machine without the need for human intervention. Most commonly expected features for a product in this arena are present. Examples include reboot and reconnect, drag and drop file transfer, screen recording, safe mode support, multiple monitor, command line access, wake-on-LAN, VoIP , chat, and a custom toolbox for quick deployment of support tools.

In addition to features that facilitate communication, ConnectWise Control also offers complete control over branding and customization of the product design, logo, color scheme, icons, text strings, and localization.

The software is self-hosted providing users the ability to control the flow of data behind their own firewall and security implementations. ConnectWise Control uses bit AES encryption to package and ship data, supports two factor authentication , has server level video auditing, and granular role-based security.

Forms-based and Windows Authentication are optional authentication methods for security purposes. Guest customer or participant : can connect from Mac, Linux or Windows.

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ConnectWise Control can also be utilized to remotely support Android devices, with complete view and control available for devices manufactured by Samsung. The on site ConnectWise Control server is self-hosted, and runs as a. NET Framework application. On Microsoft Windows it runs as a set of services.

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Since , ConnectWise Control launched a cloud platform, providing another way to use the ConnectWise Control software with no local server installation required. ConnectWise Control sessions are arranged through the web application. Once users join sessions, a ConnectWise Control client is launched to connect to the Relay service. ConnectWise Control targets clients based on device and operating system:. ConnectWise Control is commercial software. Licenses sit in a pool and are available to any user on any workstation.


Mobile clients can be downloaded from the appropriate app store. ConnectWise Control will no longer support macOS Server for on-premises installations. ConnectWise Control is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. ConnectWise Control mobile client can be downloaded free from the Google.

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Our guide to Pre-Release vs Stable Software may help you decide which release is right for you. Chat is the fastest way to get in touch with us.

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We have talked with Senior Engineers and the sales team and while they boast about the software being HIPPA compliant, I asked a how exactly they comply with the basic requirements, non-negotiable terms, and when pressed, ScreenConnect doesn't actually have proper compliance. Want to support key people outside of their organization, find something else. Namespaces Article Talk. Retrieved 16 April BlueJeans Video Communications offers a free trial. That strategy provides insights into hardware utilization and system performance without bogging down your infrastructure.

Chat hours: Monday through Friday 8 a. ConnectWise Control version Due to changing security trends, partner needs, and development demands, ConnectWise Control will no longer support macOS Server for on-premises installations.

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This includes the discontinuation of new builds and partner support via phone, email, and chat after October or the end of your renewal date. For more detailed information, please visit the Tech Bulletin.

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Beginning with ConnectWise Control version 6. End users will still be able to access your Guest page with IE, but hosts will need to use an updated, alternate browser to access the Host and Administration pages.

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For more information about supported browsers and versions, please read the Browser requirements documentation article.