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The licence is based on the IP address of the network card of the PC you register.

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Therefore you should deregister the program if you need to change your PC's network card, and reregister it afterwards. Multiuser versions are available. uses cookies.

Although Acclivity is not available to buy directly in the UK, it can easily be bought online. Once you have made your purchase Acclivity will email you a download of your software and your serial number to register it. Buy from either the PC sales site or the Mac sales site. We have even installed this software in Tanzania!

You Can Count On Us.

We would be happy to help with your installation. Normally we convert existing MYOB datafiles to this most recent format. There is a full range of default suppliers and processes which is important for the way that VAT is handled in Acclivity. The default coding depends on the choice of supplier and card name rather than nominal code.

Therefore the correct VAT coding needs to be set carefully by supplier - we preset this within the template for you. The software comes in two versions. One works on the Mac and requires OS X The PC version requires Vista or Windows 7, 8, 8. For more information try the following links, or give us a ring on to discuss whether Acclivity would be a good option for your business.

We have seen up to eleven simultaneous users! It will allow import of transactions from bank statements. If you buy Acclivity AccountEdge its serial number will last forever. The serial number is applied against the computer number, not the computer's IP address. That computer can be used in any location after it has been registered.

No internet connection is required. There is no reconfirmation process. You are not mortgaged to any particular support arrangements.

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If you take support from anyone it will be because you need it, rather than because they are forcing you to rent your software. Bank reconciliation is substantially easier through the Bank Register function. Stock control is very straightforward and has the full functionality developed including locations, kits, product variation, serial numbers, commitment management and stock reconciliation.

The software links to an iPhone based AccountEdge mobile system which allows remote access. Most of the reports work, but I need to upload many to Excel to manipulate the data to report retained earnings, for example. There is no option to strip the "pretty" formatting on BalSh or Income reports, so to make them functional you need to remove all that formatting extra blank lines, merged cells, extra blank columns, multiple font colors, shading.

This is annoying and unavoidable as far as I can tell. Their "Knowledge Base" and other support, including videos, is just sad. The live customer support when I first subscribed had a complete lack of understanding of accounting. A recent bug required me to send my entire file a zipped backup and take a week off while they repaired it and send back a "FIXED" copy. They didn't charge me, but I had to give employees pay advances and pre-pay bills to completely quit bookkeeping for a week.

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New ownership based in Israel may have improved customer service but I can't verify. There are payroll reports that accurately calc.

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I find the non-submittable reports work fine for doing the online forms and printing for my files. After three years I'm comfortable with the daily use of AccountEdge. I used my failing Peachtree to calculate payroll for the first year and entered the numbers manually.

Upgrading from App Store version of AccountEdge Basic to version 2 or v4

Now I use the payroll subscription, which is not as flexible as I would like but it works. I don't need the uploaded rates and could easily enter them manually. I emailed a note about my frustration with manually calculating different matching and withholding SIMPLE rates for different employees and the answer completely solved the problem--the program now issues perfect paychecks and tax reports. This was one of two customer service experiences that were positive. My CPA finds it incomprehensible. As a corporation we carry profits and losses forward as retained earnings and are not required by law to distribute profits as dividends.

Account Edge is the powerful all-in-one accounting software you need to run your business.

Powerful small business accounting software for the Mac and Windows desktop user. help with your daily tasks, filter down to specific information, and better integration You can also get free email support or search our knowledge base. Do you plan to use AccountEdge on Mac or Windows? Mac; Windows. How many users do you need to simultaneously access your accounting data?.

AccountEdge does not allow me or my CPA using his copy to make the year-end adjustment to Retained Earnings reports so we can't know where we stand. I want to retire and sell or hand off the business but can't produce accurate reports via AccountEdge. Also I detest the automatic numbering feature for payments it's great for invoicing and wish that could be optionally turned off. I pay at least half our bills online and record the confirmation number in the check number space, which is especially handy for reconciling half a dozen monthly federal and state tax payments to my bank--and to verify that I sent the payments!

A great many confirmation numbers IRS, Colorado payroll, unemployment, credit cards, FedEx, Comcast exceed the maximum 8 digits allowed for check numbers. I can enter the full numbers in the memo space. It doesn't integrate with our estimating software as does QuickBooks so I may end up just using it for payroll to avoid that Quick Books cost. Industry: Construction.

All you need to run business on the platform you love

You can set up the software to automatically receive financial information from your bank, or you can use an extremely basic version that might require manually inputting the data. Core Accounting? If you try to open an accounts file with a long name you get nothing but a beep, not even an error message. We can perform this conversion from your existing MYOB datafile. I can create and exports, invoice online very easily. Features include automatic bank feeds, recurring invoices, automated payment reminders and time tracking. The memo field is updated on each transaction.

It is very easy to set up your company. It is very easy to navigate through the program. It has all the features that the big name overpriced software companies have and more. It works great for our air conditioning company with accounting that can be broken down by jobs.

Free Trial Version of AccountEdge

The payroll service is very easy to use and they keep it updated all the time. I think I have only called customer support 2 times and both times they had my questions answered right then. I would recommend this software to anyone needing to breakdown your accounting for custom reports, job tracking, employee handling.

The one pet peeve I have is that most of the payroll reports don't have totals you have to export them to excel and reconfigure them to get your totals or total everything by hand. Some of the reports they way they are laid out make it very hard to reconfigure them in excel. It doesn't let you access history more than two years so you have to look up on your back ups if you need to find something older. Jim from Kingspoint Graphics. Company Size: 1 employee. Accountedge Pro is easy to use and has all the features needed.

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Its a good program. I have enjoyed using it. Very easy to use. Performs all required tasks Automatically. Its reliable.

AccountEdge Pro

Easy to navigate. Works very well. Lacks mobile integration- being able to use application on mobile device when on the toad or at a clients office. There are some functions available like looking up old invoices and jobs. But thats about it. In this day and age portable applications are almost necessary. Scott from Stitch N Print, Inc. I've been using AccountEdge Pro since it came out. Entering Invoices, and purchases is simple and quick and updates my inventory.