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How to Show All Possible Screen Resolutions for a Display in Mac OS X

I have TV12 installed. Is there a way to change this?


I know there used to be more options but now I'm limited to just the one. Can you tell us if you are able to manually change the resolution of the remote end? Yes, I can manually change the screen resolution. If I go to display settings on the remote pc I see roughly 20 options starting at X and going all the way to X I can choose any of the options and the screen will resize.

Also, TeamViewer seems to revert to a default resolution X after reboots. Did my reply answer your question? Accept it as a solution to help others. Find this helpful? Say thanks by clicking on the Thumbs Up button.

To confirm if this is the case, could you check the scaling options of the remote computer? Currently the only workaround for this issue is to change the scaling, however it should be fixed an upcoming update. Do I need to buy a license for version 12 for this to work correctly or will this also be fixed in version 11 I have? While connected with TV I am not able to change the resolution even within windows on the remote computer - only xp is offered there too.

Heads Up – Workaround for changing Mac OS X VM display resolution in vSphere & Fusion

Anyone sitting at the remote computer can see x is still in operation but the sindows are all shuffled and resized to fit into a x area. I am running Windows 10 Pro bit and my remote is running the same OS. Windows 10 64 Bit OS. Hi all: This problem only occur with installed TW. I use portable one and all resolutions are available.

Topic started 8 months ago, is there any solution provided to this problem? I had a similar issue and discovered that I got this issue when the monitor of the computer I wanted to control was disconnected. As soon as the power was switched back on, I was able to remotely control it with normal and variable resolution. Hope this helps. As a work around I have to connect a monitor to one of my remote PCs to enable multiple resolutions so that I can even use TV. For a headless virtual pc, make sure you configure the virtual display adapter with enough memory to support the higher resolutions.

The Vmware client includes a calculator. This solved the problem for me at least. Put op Teamviewer session to a remote standalone PC with Widescreen resolution x monitor.

So we can conclude that there is some sort of detection issue as long as the Remote PC is not logged in before the TV session to this machine is started. I have the same problem as well. Its related to my desktop being headless not connected to a display. I know because the only way to fix the problem is to connect a display to the desktop and set the resolution of my choice and then disconnect. I've installed vmware tools but I don't remember version. It is making use of " vmware-resolutionSet".

So the VMware Tools mentioned above must be installed. Hello mate, highly appreciated your work as this provides a nice solution. I've tried all the darwin.

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I know the tool was installed good and I have got a good display, it is just the resolution was wrong. I am on It works fine for me.

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But we need to install all necessary tools in order to make it works. I also stuck when apply the PreferencePane it show an error. Anyway thanks for solution. Works for me! As a result, it's not possible to get accelerated graphics or even adjustable resolutions with the latest Tools.

Windows virtual machine display resolution issues on Macs with Retina display

Now, you can choose according to your monitor. Sound is working fine. I went to change my screen resolution on my laptop windows xp and I hit the number 2 box on the settings and my screen turned blue and there is a little black box. At this resolution, we are talking about a 20" or smaller ideally 16"" display. I have a xp resolution on my monitors and can't seem to get past p using HiDPI. When I tried to change the resolution using the above method I receive an error saying "command not found".

From the Fusion VMware Tools After installing VMware Tools As a result, all VMware Tools functions are not available, the virtual machine's resolution can not fit to the size of the virtual machine window and shared folders feature does not work. So if anyone else is having a problem, it's not just you! It's a straight-up bug in VMware. You'll need to use the previous version of Tools from Fusion They don't support Nemes, NO.

On my laptop, I have latest VMware Workstation I will try the same on my laptop now, and will let you know how it goes. Nemes , OKay, I take that back! There are lots of Now what, please? Your display is now running in HiDPI mode, simulating a retina display.

Changer la résolution de votre Mac OS sur Virtualbox

Here's how to do it. HiDPI refers to the new generation of high resolution displays.

The good news is there is a way to handle HiDPI displays on each of the major Linux desktop environments. We have collection of more than 1 Million open source products ranging from Enterprise product to small libraries in all platforms. I have a xp resolution on my monitors and can't seem to get past p using HiDPI. Without this, what you might have noticed is that the second resolution HiDPI has vanished and that is a great news!

For customers who are running Mac OS X GIMP has been my long term work horse but now its almost unusable. Otherwise HiDPI does not make any sense here you can't pretend that your display has more pixels than it actually does. There's an app for I have recently purchased a Buy online with fast, free shipping. Mac OS X running in a virtual machine is limited to an approximate resolution of x , and treats the display as a standard DPI device. I used a HDMI 1.

Why If an app deliberately uses pixel measurements, then there's nothing the OS can do about it. The user interface was completely revised to support 4k HiDPI Display monitors with automatic DPI scaling for all dialogs and toolbars as well as newly designed vector icons that render crisp at any resolution.

Set the resolution for your primary display

After all, just click save and then restart it, once you restart your mac, you should be able to see the new hidpi setting under display setting. I had similar issue with camera to scope in Mac retina. The inch Rated 5 out of 5 by Starr from Triple-4K Monitor Docking Station I have been waiting on this device to hit the market all year and it did not disappoint.

Use a custom scaled resolution with SwitchResX as a work around. Check out SwitchResX for free — it's fully functional with a 10 day trial period.

How to Fix macOS Mojave Screen Resolution