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Works great with my new MBP. Amazon and Best Buy have multiple options in the dollar range.

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I prefer to go with LG since Apple has a partnership with them, but really anything should work. It's a perfect size if you want "true" 2x retina pixel density. Scaling up 4k output to 32" or even 27" will still look pretty sharp, but if you run it at 2x scaling all your icons and menus will look huge. I have some minor problems with my PQ won't work with my elgato TB2 dock, displays "no signal" message intermittently when the MacBook is sleeping , but the image quality is close enough to a real retina display that I would still recommend it.

I have this setup except through HDMI. Unlless im missing something with the display port to USB-C?

No display for your Mac Mini? No problem.

Good panels aren't cheap. There's so much more to a monitor than resolution. Typically used in gaming panels, and cheaper. TN is the "shitty" panel type. I'm leaving it off this table, as it's so shit its not worth buying. Or is there an advantage to usb-c display that I'm not thinking of? It's not right in your case, but I'll leave it here in case any macbook users are also looking for a monitor.

Best monitors for Mac mini | iMore

It says it only delivers 65W of power, but it charges my 15" rMBP no problem. It's only p though, but I have an LG 4K as my main. This means you may have to take extra steps or troubleshoot issues for the external display to function as it should with your Mac. If any of these sound familiar to your current situation, follow along as we break down some potential fixes for a faulty external Mac display.

The Perfect Mac Mini Setup 2018! 🔥

Related : Messages Not Working on Mac? Try to use another video source or computer and see if the external display works with it. Check whether the brightness on your Mac is turned all the way down, and turn it back up. You should also restart your computer, checking physical connections, reseating cables, and looking for dumb mistakes, like a USB cable plugged into a LAN port. Any tech expert knows these tips are as effective as they are ubiquitous. You should know you cannot check this stuff with your eyes alone.

2018 Mac Mini monitor Recommendations

Remove the cable, then reinsert it carefully and properly. If you know that your graphics chip requires a driver like many after-market Nvidia cards , make sure you have it installed for full support. Those are the kinds of details that mess people up, so double-check all your assumptions. Frustratingly, the most popular display connectors have multiple different versions, all of which look the same from the outside. You need to make sure that you have the correct display connector for your Mac and your display, with the correct version.

Only the newest cables can support the newest features.

They include processors all their own to power their newest tech. If your monitor turns on and gets a signal, but the display is low-quality, the display version is a good thing to check. HDMI is on revision 2. USB-C is the worst: the cables can look identical but have completely different capabilities.

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DisplayPort 1. Also, you should avoid chaining video adapters together.

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Its sleek You will also be able to drag and drop documents and other items from one screen to the other. This monitor was first introduced in January , which means it's no longer the "coolest" kid on the block. From customized business sites to software licensing , technology certifications , configuration services , packaged service programs , and more. Click the Arrangement tab. And here's the company's list of the ports on its latest Macs.

Apple notes that doing this with one or multiple external displays can cause problems. Select the highest available option, typically at the bottom of the scrolling list. First, look for any graphics adapter or monitor drivers that might be required.

What is a Mac mini and what does it do?

Higher-end monitors can be surprisingly complex, and while few displays require drivers, a graphics chip often will. Display resolution and refresh rate can also be limited thanks to display connectors. VGA, for example, can only support a maximum display size of x Fit this by switching to a different connection standard.

The more-common HDMI 1. You can check these standards before buying a monitor. Your Mac hardware also plays a part.

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