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In the Symbol box, in the Font drop-down list, select normal text if it isn't already selected. In the Symbol box, in the Subset drop-down list, select Superscripts and Subscripts. In the Symbol box, select the symbol you want, press Insert , and then pick Close. On the Home tab, in the Font group, click Superscript or Subscript. Click or scroll to Letterlike Symbols , and click the symbol you want to insert.

Superscript and subscript formatting aren't available in PowerPoint for the web. You'll need a desktop version of PowerPoint to add superscript or subscript.

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Mac OS X comes with a pretty easy way to type spanish characters without changing the keyboard layout For the ñ or Ñ characters the process is very similar. Aprende a usar el teclado para Mac: atajos para pestañas y ventanas, como la tilde o la ñ, solo tienes que sostener la letra en el teclado.

If this is a feature you'd like to see in PowerPoint for the web, please vote for it in our PowerPoint for the web Suggestion Box. Turn off superscripting of ordinal numbers.

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Slides and text. Work with text. Format text as superscript or subscript. Keyboard shortcuts: Apply superscript or subscript To make text appear slightly above superscript or below subscript your regular text, you can use keyboard shortcuts. Select the text or number that you want. Expand your Office skills. A complete beginner's guide. This forum is vastly popular among all Hackintosh users.

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There are many topics covered here and there. Most of the important topics pinned section wise. But for a newbie its not easy to decide which guide they should follow. Note : First search about your system in this forum, Other may have updated guide suitable for exact same system as you. If not follow this guide. I will try to try to point every important topics here in one. All original posts are linked, Go to original posts for detailed guide on that specific subject. There are some basic things you should check in your BIOS before installing.

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Disable VT-d Virtualization. If setting not present then you may need DVMT-prealloc patch in clover. Checkout graphics section Disable secure boot. Disable fastboot. There are few laptops which works with first boot too.

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I have a problem with the numbers 2,3 letters w,e,s,d,x,c on my keyboard and other funny things happening with the shift button on my macbook running on Mac OS X Updated bootpack. On the off-chance that the keyboard is the only problem, turn off all Universal Access options and it should come back to life. While writing, it has limited number of hardware support. Por lisai e ceckpawon.

With unique and unused Not Invalid serial number. You must not use serial numbers which are already registered Continue till you get a serial number which either says "Invalid".

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It means you have now a official serial number but No Mac has been produced with that serial number. Use that serial number. Once you log in to Apple Account, You should not change your serial number. It will make your system more stable and less boot time.

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If you don't have a Mac then use the this guide to make a installation drive from windows. Then run the following command on terminal The command is an example for "Mojave". Other can be found in Apple support page. After booting in to these boot loader, you can boot in to OSX as well as your other OS like windows and linux. After many years,these boot loaders not only help to boot but also handles a big part to make your system more compatible to OSX.

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Later they adopted to UEFI also. I still remember using it during the era of snow leopard, lion Support page Download 2. Device properties injection, fake properties injection.

Inkscape tutorial: Básico

Most popular and highest support. Support Page Download 2. If you have knowledge of BIOS moving then you can go for it. It also can be used from hard disk too. Download Clover configurator to edit clover configuration. Also to translate your device basic firmware output to Macintosh support. Ex : your system sensor data, There are 2 major options for you.

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It is more stable and if you have old hardware then batter is to go with FakeSMC. Download 3. Many are shifting to VirtualSMC these days. Also I personally like it's new way to manage battery,No more need of battery patch to most of the devices. So first thing you need is to disable switchable graphics AMD,nVidia and use only Intel graphics only. It is a kext which works to fix most common graphics problems.

So it is recommended to install WhateverGreen irrespective of your graphics card. Also use proper framebuffer patch according to your system. Also Many desktop users still using PS2 devices. When it comes to VoodooPS2, There is two major options. So it is more stable and supports a long range of devices. Download 5. While writing, it has limited number of hardware support.

But with time this will involve. While power management is mostly important for laptops,Desktop users also should look in to this so that their CPU can run optimal and smoothly. There are few different methods to get it working. The basic method is to use a SSDT. It is recommended and most stable. Using auto generate states This process is only applies to first generation intel processor or older.

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No need to SSDT. It will result kernel to Panic. Piker R alpha's ssdtPTGen. Run this file and create SSDT. This allow to handle CPU usage and power consumption dynamically according to load. Also it is integrated with Intel HD. Remove SSDT. Disable all SSDT generation methods. The new tech is supposed to make the processor respond much quicker to performance burst requests as well as improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the performance bursts themselves.

You just change CPU max frequency and turbo frequency. Once you are done your system will have a optimised CPU Power management. Also OSx has 15 port limit, you need to apply a port limit patch in clover. All have different way to enable sound so installation guides are also different. So this is the most recommended option.