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rsync + Automator = free and easy backups for your Mac

With just a small knowledge of the command line, you can be backing up in no time with rsync. Difficulty Level: Medium. One of the simplest things you can do with rsync is to backup files and directory structure.

Sync two folders using automator or folder actions

In order to use rsync, you must use the following command format when specifying information in Terminal: rsync —options SourceDirectory DestinationDirectory There are many different options that will cause rsync to perform different operations during the file synchronization process. The SourceDirectory text will be replaced with the directory path to the files and directories that will be used during the file sync process, and the DestinationDirectory text will be replaced with the directory that the source files and directories will be copied to.

You will notice that the directory location will be inputted to the Terminal window. Your rsync command will look something like this when you are done inputting all of the options.

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Finally, locate the destination location in the Finder the folder where you wish the source files to be synchronized to and drag and drop it in the Terminal window. In this case, our Documents folder will be copied into a Backup folder on our Desktop. When you use rsync, the files that get copied will have a modification date of the same date that the rsync command was run.

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To overcome this, there is another option that you can specify in the rsync command that will preserve the timestamps during the synchronization process. Without preserving the timestamp, the files will display the modification date and time as the time that the rsync command was run.

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rsync is a command line utility that works on lots of operating systems, including Mac OS X. It's really great at backing up data and can do some. RSync (MacOSX) & Automator & Terminal. Post Views: 1, Following the creation of my HandBrake CLI automator tutorial, here comes.

To do this, use the —a option instead of —r, like we used in the command above. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. My Most Embarrassing Mistakes as a Programmer so far.

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Save the folder action and give it a meaningful name. If you connect the USB flash drive the workflow icon will show up in the status bar and it will disappear if the script has been finished. After the workflow has finished you should see the new USBBACKUP folder in your home directory, the backup folder for the flash drive and the rsync logfile for that drive.

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It is also possible to use Growl notifications to report the status of the workflow, but i used the Mountain Lion notifications after i have upgraded my macbook. I tried a lot of things and it has not worked. I was wondering if there were any specific syntax rules for the names of the drives or anything I should take into consideration.

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On another drive, create a separate folder and call it something like 'Backed Up. Should you ever want to stop this from happening, the workflow lives on your Hard Drive in the location below. What I would really like is to have this command run automatically each time a file is added to my source folder. Sometimes, the double dash will be displayed as an em dash, so if you see a long dash instead of two short dashes, be sure to enter two dashes for this option. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This is a great answer that would benefit from having some of the contents behind that link spelled out in the post.

Paste the output in a comment…. After deleting these files i have removed and readded the folder action.