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The way a Mac system stores its user passwords is similar to Linux, as they are both built off of the Unix kernel. A user creates an account, and then the encrypted hash of the user's password file, their "Shadow" file, is saved in a. This flaw is averted by only allowing the root user to view the shadow file.

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This still holds true in Lion. However, one major flaw was overlooked. Non-root users cannot directly view hash data, but rather, they can extract it from Directory Services. Look at the bytes below it.

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Bytes are the password salt 4 bytes are in each octet , and bytes are the SHA hash. From there, the user wanting privilege escalation can then load the hash into a password cracker for SHA hashes with 4 byte salts.

Change an Admin Password in Mac OS X Single User Mode

There is one made by the author of the exploit here written in python brownie points for that, good sir. That's simple, not only did Mac slip up on being able to read password hashes, any user can issue the "passwd" command to change any user's passwords. Feel safe still, Mac users?

How to reset password for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

You will then be prompted to enter a new password for the user. There it is, easier than denying your teenage daughter a brand new car, a user can change your password.

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Yes, and no. You can use the same process to find passwd files and you can get all the way to the point where it asks you to put in a new password but if you try to change another users password you will get an authentication error, and it will ask you for their previous password before the change is made even if you do have permission. Justin Meyers No, the exploit was an accident in Lion.

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Someones genius idea of making Lion more usable just backfired. Rachel Monsur If the developers are good? They will have it patched within a day after they are made aware of it. I forsee this probably being patched tomorrow. Even so, this is a long-standing issue that Apple should have been aware of. What makes this extra damning is that according to Passware, this is a security vulnerability unique to OS X.

Asked if all computer operating systems were vulnerable to pulling an admin password from user memory, Passware president Dmitry Sumin told us that in Windows 7, at least, this hole had been closed. Passware has alerted Apple of the vulnerability and are waiting for a response. How to get p YouTube videos in iPad Safari.

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