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LP-16 Live Player – 16 Track Backing Track System

Out of interest, have you tried having the laptop simply playing back pre-recorded audio files?

I'm guessing you're using mainstage to run soft synths live, which is a lot more demanding. That's on a very modest uni macbook.

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I'd suggest it is possible you have an issue with either your HD, background tasks or ram issues. First step to try to sort it would be a fresh user profile with no background tasks to test.

It plays anything in your iTunes library and always stops between tracks, and has other nice features like a big track timer and also a set timer. If we're using drums I have backing tracks with the backing on the LH channel and click in the RH so I can feed the drummer a click we don't hear. It all seems very stable and the audio out on the iPad is more than adequate.

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I'm assuming the former, but some clarity would help. We split out Bass, Drums, Percussion as audio files and mix them through a Korg Nano midi controller and it works well.

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It's currently 4Gb and I ordered 16Gb today. There's a keyboard part on the left channel, which would go to the PA, and a click track on the right channel, fed to our drummer's headphones.

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I don't want to use a CD player, as they skip, but I'm wondering what other options are there? Editor In Chief Paul White : I too use backing tracks with my band, and I've just recently stopped using a CD player in favour of a Mac laptop, although standing the CD player on a foam cushion fixed the skipping. If CD is the most convenient format for you, and your only concern is the danger of skipping, you might consider making a foam mount for a portable CD player good quality ones will feature extra buffering to prevent skipping or, even better, buying a professional, rackmounted CD player.

There are numerous models to choose from, and most of them will provide separate left and right outputs as well as a headphone out, often with its own level and balance controls, which could be handy for your drummer, and can be triggered by a remote control.

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You could also consider a portable or rackmounted Minidisc player. While MDs are compact, durable, less susceptable to skipping and more tolerant of knocks and vibrations, you'll lose a little sound quality to MD data compression. Most popular piano sheet music View all.

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