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In this way it allows your mind to 'connect the dots' between information that you have absorbed, or discussed, throughout your studies or whilst note taking during a meeting or lecture or solitary problem-solving. Mind mapping is useful for pretty much anyone at any time. If you need to take notes, think through a problem or simply want an effective method to help retain information during study you might want to give mind mapping 'a crack'.

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As it is an activity that requires you to write and draw it is both fun a fun and engaging project to undertake. Mind mapping has many fantastic benefits over more traditional note taking or brainstorming techniques.

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These include, but are not limited to For this reason, you can easily assimilate the information just by glancing at the diagram. As you get more accustomed to the technique you will find the process easier when you start adding sketches and make good use of color throughout. Adjusting from more traditional linear methods to this one can take some practice but is worth the investment in time.

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The plans are:. I second the vote for MyMind. Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Like MindNode, iThoughts also supports a ton of keyboard shortcuts. Twelve years later, in , the first completely web-based mind map tool was released. Enter your Email.

As this process makes heavy use of keywords or short phrases it does require you to have at least a basic knowledge of the task at hand. This can, however, be seen in a positive light as it will serve as a great way to expose the areas where you need to improve your knowledge of the problem at hand. They take up a lot of space on a piece of paper. For this reason, it might be better to create your mind maps on larger paper sizes like A3 rather than A4.

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You can, of course, just use mind mapping software where size is not an option more on these later. We've already included some examples in the introductory sections above but, as with any new subject, it is always useful to show some worked examples. The following range from basic hand-written ones to some more aesthetically pleasing examples. These are far from exhaustive, as you can imagine.

The following 5 are great examples but you don't need to make them as 'pretty' as these if you don't want to do. It's your brain and your mind map so, make it how you want it.

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The following example just goes to show that your native tongue is irrelevant when it comes to creating mind maps. Granted you'd need to know the language to understand the finer details but the use of images helps you get the gist of it.

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The following example of a mind map shows that you don't need to make them super-decorative. This simple handwritten one will be the kind of example you'll generate as you learn the process through trial and error. Of course, these are also the kind of mind maps you'll create if time is short and you just need to jot down the basic concepts. You can always 'beautify' it later. This example of a mind map for a business just goes to show how complex, and large, they can get.

You don't need to aim for this level of complexity but if your mind takes you there follow it.

XMind: ZEN

The following is a great example of one created using a purpose-built software application. It also serves as a good example of the range of topics that can be adressed using this technique. As your skills and confidence grow using this technique you will be able to produce practical works of art.

Get Started! You Will Love This Easy-To-Use Diagram Software.

Looking for the best free mind map apps for Mac? Here are some great free mind mapping tools to help organize your thoughts on macOS. Free and easy to use mind mapping tool. Mind Maps are one of the most effective ways of thinking through issues and making connections to new ones.

This one is a prime example. It might look crowded to amateur eyes but the creator has truly mastered the technique and, if you take the time to study it, you will really begin to understand their thought process. As you can see the limit of this technique is your imagination. You can create overly complex and crowded mind maps of your own but remember the time and tested principle of The following are a selection of great free online mind mapping tools.

These are far from exhaustive and are in no particular order. By using this app you can gather your thoughts together in a more coherent and easy-to-understand format. It has over 22 layouts to choose from with 33 theme designs and over stylish clip arts to make your mind map stand out.

It also has a handy brainstorming mode that can be used collaboratively with others. Edraw Mindmaster is cross-platform and can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux. All mind maps can be exported and shared in various output formats too. Since we mentioned Coggle earlier in the article it would be remiss of us to omit this great tool. It comes in various forms from "Free" to "Awesome" to "Organization".

The most basic mind map

The free version is a great way to 'try before you buy' and it comes with a lot of cool functions and options to make your mind map very colorful. It is definitely worth a try. Freemind , as the name suggests, is a free online mind mapping tool. It is also very handy for generating mind maps when you are offline. It comes with the benefit of being open sourced but has less of the 'bells and whistles' of other apps detailed in this article. It's not the easiest to get used to, especially if you are a beginner but it gets the job done.

Think of it as a 'no frills' mind mapping option. It's definitely worth looking at if nothing else.

The best mind mapping app

Mindmup offers a good looking and intuitive mind mapping service for free. You can, of course, take up their offer for their premium options of "Personal Gold" and "Organisational" if you wish but this depends on your needs. The free service lets you save maps up to kb in size and lets you save them to your Google drive too. Any maps created are only stored for up to six months though so bear that in mind. The following are a selection of great paid-for online mind mapping tools. As mind mapping is a rather personal process which app is 'best' is a matter of personal taste. It offers free and paid for versions of its software but bear in mind the free version only allows you to build 3 maps and limits the tools it offers.

IdeaFiip is an online-based mind mapping service that is specifically targeted for use by groups. Just make sure you have a student card to use this option. All tools are making it extremely easy to map your information. Of course other tools offer this as well. What I do like about these three is that digital mapping is exactly that, digital mapping. They don't try to create handwritten style maps. When you like to have a hand-drawn style map, you should make it on paper I think.

Maps should however use some colors and body to the map to please the creative side of our brain. MindMapper is the best in this I think. The maps are more natural and have different colors for the branches. Xmind and Mindmanager use rather cold and monotone outlines. Mind mapping on a computer should be easy. You have to think about the content, not so much about the making of the map.

When I look at the three tools I work a lot with, I believe MindMapper creates the most brain friendly maps.

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Xmind is a very powerful tool that is in its basic form free produces really clear maps. Mindmanager is an all-round business tool that is used by millions around the world.