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Best DJ software: 10 apps we recommend

With this type of music editing tool, you can use your existing digital music files to produce unique remixes. Most free DJ software also lets you record your music mixes to a separate audio file, such as an MP3. The main thing is to have fun and practice until you're mixing like a pro!

1. Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2

Even better, professional level DJ software on Mac doesn't have to be expensive either. As you'll see, some of the top DJ apps for Mac are even free and most. So, without further ado, let's overview five great pieces of software which are either available totally for free or have quality free editions.

If you decide to take this art form up as a serious hobby or job in the future, then you can always upgrade to a paid-for option, which tends to have a lot more advanced features. Download Mixxx.

2. Serato Scratch Live/DJ

MixPad is another free music mixing program that makes it easy to access your recording and mixing equipment. With it, you can mix an unlimited number of audio, music, and vocal tracks, as well as record single or multiple tracks at the same time.

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Plus, MixPad includes free sound effects and a music library with hundreds of clips that you can use at any time. MixPad is free for non-commercial, home use only. You can use it on Windows and macOS. Download MixPad. Audacity is a very popular audio player, editor, mixer, and recorder. You can record live music with Audacity as well as computer playback.

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MixPad is free for non-commercial, home use only. It's called vinyl. Interface is very daunting and not newbie friendly; if you don't know how to DJ already then the purpose of most of the controls will completely illude you. Macbook Airs, beware! The software also features audio line-ins, and comes with mappings for a fairly substantial range of DJ controllers. The main thing is to have fun and practice until you're mixing like a pro!

The program interface is easy to understand but not at first. Mixx is Fully free and open source DJ tool.

It is good for mixing, programming and matching of audio files for live shows or simply learning. You can learn MIXX instantly with manual, faq and wiki on its website easily. For getting further support you can join community forum also to ask co users of the software. In some terms it is even simpler than virtual DJ. You can use webcam input to stream video right into the editing interface and also easily sync your video with audio.

Download ZULU. When you import any audio file in mp3 etc.

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You can import audio easily via drag and drop interface of this software and also preview your audio while running music with a secondary output. Visit Party Cloud Website. Although its not a software , but an online web service with 20 million songs database from soundcloud is really great.

Attractive mixer with automatic BPM beat matching and more

Download Kra Mixer. All in all a software matching standards of a pro paid DJ Software. Download TacTile. It is freely available for download at Sourceforge website. Download Serato DJ Software. Relatively new kid on the block, it is getting downloaded at a very fast pace from Software download websites.

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It sample player can play up to 4 short samples including the two audio tracks you are mixing while using this software. Download Blaze. Blaze is one of the best free DJ mixing tool is having a low latency sound engine based on asio. It has spectrum colored waveform enabled in it and also have BPM detection included with syncing ability.

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