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Human readable summary feature was added to the GUI. The implementation of the user defined data dump was added to the GUI. Improvements Added an application icon. The icon was designed by Koichi Matsui. Thank you so much!

Instantly obtain technical data related to your media

Bug fixes In the previous version, GUI was crashed on a low memory capability environment. Bug fixed the utility BAT file. Now, The installer is checking the version of your operating system. New features Human redable summary feature was added to the GUI.

How to Determine File Type & Encoding from Command Line in Mac OS X

Improvements Changed the default internal window size. Human redable text outputs were added to the GUI.

How to Modify 'date created' on any file (MAC ONLY)

Supported some additional image data formats for the thumbnail. Changes Changed the location of the thumbnail.

New features Changed the package structure with an installer. The first version of the GUI was added to the package. Click the Image tab and choose an image and place the image watermark. Fine-tune the results to make the clip look better.

Double click Denoise button to show the noise removal controls. Then click the Done button to reduce noise. Click the Start time and End Time icon to fine-tune the time. You can preview what it will look like on the window. Follow the guide below to digitize and backup your DVD collections. After selecting the source disc, click "Done". You can also export the info. You are allowed to edit movie name, title, artist, movie genre, etc.

After the video is loaded, pick the video format and resolution you want and click Done to make it valid and close the screen. Choose the audio format, bit rate etc. Pick the one you want and click the Done button. All rights reserved. When you hover your mouse over one of these items, additional information will be made visible right column.

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Have you noticed what file it was processing when the error occurred? Can you go to the MovieScanner directory, and try the following command and post the results here:. Sorry … I should have added the redirect to a dump file, so you can open dump.

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I just release version 1. The windows stays empty whatever the movie I add whatever the way I add them. I just downloaded the program and tried to run it under OS X Maverick gate keep enabled to only run signed apps, but ocerwritten with right-click and open. The program started, but I got multiple message stating that it could not open the database file. Thank you for the feedback! Same problem under both Initially I created the directory structure manually and touch created the db to try to resolve the issue but then got a table error.

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Then I found this thread. Deleted the empty db and not it worked fine on Mavericks, created the directory structure on the Good and bad news — I have been able to reproduce the problem. It appears GateKeeper related …. I had to move the file to an Apple compliant location. Please feel free to test v1. Option to display foldername instead of movie name.

Should sort on this too. Search functionality could work better as a filter instead.

How can I see video resolution on Mac?

I would do the filtering upon every key stroke instead of having to press enter to see the effect. Filtering on different aspects than only title could be helpful. For example; all p movies, all movies with soundtrack with specific language, all movies with HD sound, etc.

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Video: format, codec id, aspect, frame rate, bit rate, color space, chroma Audio: format, codec id, sample rate, channels, bit depth, language, bit rate. You can get much information using the mdls builtin command, which is a general purpose file metadata utility. It works not only for video files.

I add a nfo file to every rip I make containing the imdb url to the movie. You could do the same.

This would allow for independant title, even localized and stuff like posters, plots, actors etc. Again search and filtering for this new info would be useful. Features for editing the movies. For example if I have ripped too many audio streams or subtitles, I go in there to fix it. The interface is not that usable, but if you make integration it could be very nice to just delete the stuff in the GUI and have it work on the files in the background.

Instead of 6 channels, 8 channels. Search and filtering support also. I understand that this is probably reported by ffmpeg, but it is incorrect. Software as MediaInfo can display this correctly and I thought newer ffmpeg could too. Something to look into. So keep up the good work and please consider my suggestions.

Thanks for the great feedback!