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download ps3 media server for mac os x

If all has gone well, you should get the icecast2 status page. Now our icecast server is running, we need to let pmsencoder and ps3mediaserver know about it. Open up the file WEB. Under the shoutcasts section, add a new source:.

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Type the following pacmd list-sources less to get a list of pulseaudio sources. You should get a bunch of output back, but it should hopefully only list one device. Make a note of yours. Next we just run a command to convert this pulse source into an ogg file, which is then sent to the icecast2 server. Run the following, replacing the device with your own, and the password at the end with the icecast2 source password you set earlier:. All that remains is to fire up Spotify. With any luck, after 20 or 30 seconds you should hear the track starting on your ps3 as well!

Time to Get Started

Select a tree Folders [Movies]" row Collections 2. In the menu on right click mouse choose "Add movies collection" 3. Specify the name of the collection - click OK. Go to the section containing a list of media resources eg, "All movies" 5. Select the required media resources. Drag and drop by mouse selected rows of media resources to set up a collection of films. Formation of playlists, music, album photos similar to creating collections of films.

More complex structure of collections, lists, albums can be created by adding a folder in the menu on right click mouse.

1. Install ps3mediaserver

Unnecessary folder media resources can be deleted by right-button mouse in the tree "Folders [Movies]" Music, Photo. Recovery of standard folders of media resources on the right-button mouse - click the Restore folder. Choosing a playback device, media resources - Settings button - Section "Device" - the Type field; If the device is not listed, then the information for the settings in this section you can search in the user manual media device required fields - the type of DLNA, service authorization, Built-in support files ; To access the server through a viewer Internet mobile phones, PDAs need to turn on the Web, specify the constant server port under server configuration - the field "Port" the value from to IP-address of the server can be found in the configuration section of the server program-list of allowed network connections - Search.

Starting the media server. Carefully read all the messages that may appear on the programs of network security when you first start the server. Press the Start button in the button bar program's main form. In the case of a successful server startup, button Start will be disabled, will be available the Stop button and Restart, the log messages will prompt "Starting the server [ip-address].

Stream Any videos to PS3 from Mac/PC

If the list of allowed network connections are not empty, then compare it with the list of available network connections on the Search button. Generate a list of allowed network connections can be from a list of available network connections, network connection mark for inclusion in the list in the first column. When available, the server to a page presenting media content. If the configuration chapter of the program Device enabled Web, will open the upper level of the base media resources. uses cookies.

Enabling automatic server startup when you start the program - button Settings - chapter "Additional" - "Startup server by starting program. Connecting media devices connectivity options.

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Computer - Media device. Computer - Switch - Media device. To connect devices to use direct cables. Computer - Router - Media device. If you use a router it is more convenient to include automatic destination ip-address of the device, the details of the settings in the user manual of the router.

How to use your Mac as a Media Server and stream to the Ps3

When using options 1 and 2 connect ip-addresses are typically assigned manually, the address must be different in the latter part of the ip-address, subnet mask Example: computer address Search server into a media device. Search is performed according to the user manual media device.

Stream Media Files From Mac/PC to PlayStation 3

If the server is not found, and everything is connected properly, the setup program chapter Server to verify that the list of authorized client devices is empty or ip-address of the device is present in the list of allowed devices. If you use a program of network security firewall , check its rules for the module wms. If the program of network security have learning training mode, then turn it on. If you are using other media servers, perhaps at the stage setup they should be shutdown. If the server is found, but there is no possibility to open a media device.

Navigation on the basis of media resources for media device. If the device supports the National language, then in setting up the program chapter Device can turn on the "National names base folders", it affects the names of the main folder base media resources.

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Folder names can be changed in the main form of the program on the right-button mouse - click the "Edit title". Thanks for the new build! I wonder if this will fix my problem I have had to revert to only p as of the moment. Something up with TSmuxer and MEncoder just giving a blank screen for any video format I use that I disable subtitles on I should have just stuck with what was working properly lol.

Well, p still does not work streaming it over anymore But, I found if I copy the movie over to the ps3, no matter what size it is, the ps3 will play it Nightmare Before Christmas - 15gb works flawlessly The newest one that you posted. I have even reverted back to the original one I started with that worked when I first used it, but ever since the 1st upgrade to 2. But now when I have that checked for my p, and I choose MEncoder, the screen is a totally black blank screen, but I can hear the movie playing.

If I uncheck the box, I get the picture back, but my computer can then not handle the amount of data, and I get a skippy unwatchable movie. Before I upgraded, I would just leave the box checked, not have subs, and still be able to watch my p movies I can not use any other encoder as well.

Guiding Tech

MEncoder is the only one that ever seems to work This one? Ya, that one. But like I said, I even uninstalled it, reverted back to 1. I've found that when using the subtitle option i think on mkv2vob it transcodes the video with YES SUB showing, it takes longer which i'm okay with but does it lower the video quality? I was under the assumption that it was just adding a subtitle stream etc into the video, but does it lower the video quality?

Is there an archive of all of the builds by any chance? I want to go ahead an install this new build, but the one I am using now has proven to be incredibly stable and reliable, so in case there is something I do not like about this new version, I would love to be able to revert back in necessary. I am currently using 1. Just curious really, I am sure this new build is just fine, but just in case. So will hold off on installing this one until I hear about the older ones being available Ironically I backed up all of the older installers, but somehow I do not have this particular one I am using now.

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Drag and drop by mouse selected rows of media resources to set up a collection of films. Restart PS3MediaServer? When long pressing the app goes to editmode — ok. This means the PS3 will play unsupported files. I copied the entire folder structure to the Xoom pretty quick copy! It will take several minutes in order to see it in the list to use.

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