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JDownloader also supports the whole YouTube playlists and channels downloading. JDownloader doesn't offer video conversion and Java 1. With this Mac video downloader, you can download basically any format. Total Video Downloader for Mac won't convert or optimize your videos once they've been downloaded though. GetTube for Mac was specifically developed for YouTube downloading. It supports simultaneous downloading of multiple files from Internet. Once installed, it adds its option to the menu bar. This downloader doesn't have the integration with your browser, it is a standalone app.

To download with Get Tube you'll just need to click the video and the download automatically begins. Most of the time it is a stress free app, but sometimes Get Tube pops an error message even if a video is selected. It allows conversion of downloaded videos to other formats like. YTD video downloader supports many other websites too. Freemake features "One-click mode" that will download multiple videos with identical settings conveniently - same resolution, format, and destination folder. This downloader is bundled with annoying adware. If you don't want ads and annoying plugins, install Freemake Video Downloader with custom installation and carefully read all reminders.

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It allows saving audio tracks in original quality without conversion. This video downloader for Mac allows you to download the entire playlist to your computer. This app is free. Hopefully you enjoyed this lineup of the top 9 best video downloaders for Mac OS X and were able to make a smart choice up to your needs.

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After all video downloading should be fun, fast and effective. Video downloader is the app performing a digital transfer of video files via the Internet to a computer or a device for further decoding and playing it. Both legal downloads and downloads of copyrighted material are included in the term. Top choice. VideoDuke 4.

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Olga Weis VideoDuke - ultimate Mac video downloader. Requirements: OS X Version 1. Download Purchase. Run the application and select from YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion in the main window. Definitely recommend you check it out. ClipConverter is my first choice. To be honest, we can also download videos from youtube, some third-party tools like wonderfox free hd is a good help.

Videograbby didnt worked for me. How do I download videos from an app called kingschat?? It's web page doesn't show the videos the app shows so no room for downloading it. Kindly help. Thanks, Dan, but I've got a better solution for all that issues in downloading videos off the internet. Try it! Hey Alex, Do you know A new free video downloader which making buzz now?


Just check it. I hope you would like it. You guys definitely have to try the easiest of them all to download from YouTube.

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Free Download. Download Facebook Videos. Although all the above-listed tools allow you to download videos from any website yet there are some features lacking in these tools. Similar to all the other tools, Distill Video is also designed for the same purpose. It's successfully detected 1 out of 20 videos I've tried to record, and they've been a series of YouTube, Vimeo, and other videos.

Ummy Video Downloader let's you download videos in any resolution and it can also convert to MP3 if you eh want the audio. Another solution is the always trusty and really fast JDownloader. You're welcome. Good to know these video download tools and thanks for the sharing.

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I'd also recommend Acethinker Video Downloader which I have used for many years. It is a free cloud based software to download videos without install any software in your device. Best is Youtube-dl. Many configurations possible, also mass downloading. All other downloaders cannot do mass downloads. The best and most easy to use is videoder. You can download from facebook, youtube and other 8 major sites.

So, now it's October and I'm now seeing this article and glad of it. Anyway, I am looking for video download software and I'm grateful for this old article. Yes, many changes happened since , but is that a surprise to anyone?

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There are good leads and I'm not willing to download freeware just because it's mentioned here, but at least I know what software to check out. Did you bother to test any of these before you unleashed them on your readers who trust you? Freecorder was blocked by my security software ESET. I did it anyway because I trusted that Makeuseof wouldn't post malware. But alas, it's a scam. All it does it install pop ups into your browser and if you try to actually download a video, it tries to get you to download some other file to do it.

Now I have to waste my day trying to figure out how to get rid of this thing. Please wrhite to my e-maile adress Ever hear of kodi? You can watch just about any movie free.

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Can you tell me which of these would convert to mp4 with the most clarity? I'm using zamzar right now, but the quality of the finished product is a little sub-par.

Download helper is an awesome F. I love it and highly recommend it. Video files will usually end in. Save Video plugin for Internet Explorer can download it. Nice list. These websites will allow you to view movies right from the website, and stream them to the computer. Another very effective way of downloading and viewing the best movies is using torrents and or newsgroups. Both of these have excellent content. The downside is that you must be careful when you're looking through the content, and to only download content that's been shared, and has posts saying that it's ok to download.

Another "makeuseof" article! It attaches a great ebook about downloading content from torrents. The other method is newsgroups.

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I recommend newsgroups because they are the safest and fastest way to download content that I've found. I don't have a guide for this one, but someone may be able to find one. Only downside, is it costs money to purchase a "news reader". If someone would like me to elaborate more on this method, I can! I tried the video with Realplayer SP which supports most formats and even that player isnt able to download the video.