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All Paradox Development Studio games since Apache 2.

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Proprietary , GPL Classic version. Memento Mori. PlayStation 3 , Xbox , Windows , Wii. AssaultCube , Cube. Prior generation means it has a successor , 2D grid-based system, optimized for outdoor not indoor maps. Cube 2: Sauerbraten , Red Eclipse. Efficient 6-directional height map based geometry versus traditional Polygon soup model , hence the name Cube, FPS engine.

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Produces browser games with pseudo-3D views; games can be made into Facebook Apps; intended for beginners. Neverwinter Nights 2. Windows , OS X ,. Blitzkrieg , Blitzkrieg 2. Free software re-implemented Ultima VII game engine. Various games by Gregory Weir. Used originally for Battlefield series video games.

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GPL , Proprietary. List of GameMaker Studio games. Open source. Star Wars: The Old Republic. Proprietary , GPL version 1. First true 3D id Tech engine. Also termed the Doom 3 engine; features advanced: lighting, shadows, interactive GUI surfaces. First id Tech engine to feature MegaTexture technology, starting with Rage. List of Irrlicht games. Community-centric project. Used by many schools as part of course work. DOS , Windows. Star Wars: Dark Forces , Outlaws. GPL or commercial. Java game development framework, provides a unified API that works across all supported platforms.

PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , Windows. Used Allegro initially, now uses on SDL. List of Marmalade Games. Microsoft Public. Windows , OS X. Role-playing game creation system ; use of scripting is optional. Narcissu , Saya no Uta , Tsukihime. Used to develop visual novels and first-person adventure games. Toontown Online , Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Successor to MT Framework for 8th generation consoles. Users can work on game at the same time via online browser and publish to multiple platforms; engine uses WebGL and includes physics.

April I would say, that considering the fact that during the BETA ZOS officials were stating over and over and over again that if you wanted to use a controller to play ESO you would have to use a third party emulator program to do so. But they would not support it what so ever if it didn't work right. Before the forums were wiped clean, there were a couple really good threads on controller emulator mapping examples happening. I can help a little bit for people who want to set up to use a controller.

That is what I use to play. Mine specifically is a PS3 Controller. The first thing you need is a third party program downloaded like Xpadder, Motionjoy or Pinnacle. They contain the emulator drivers in them. It was also free and was much easier for doing my own mapping.

Here is what I put in for my controls.

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Though I have changed them slightly. These were for movement, directions and camera angles first or third person and sneaking. Because these are mimicing the mouse and movement in some way, there needs to be a dead zone in the axis otherwise you will have no real control. But once you get things all set, you hardly have to use the keyboard and mouse, although you still will from time to time. There is also a bit of an issue with your Toon suddenly dodging on you. Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to stop this yet.


skyrim ps3 save editor free download. WillowTree# WillowTree# is a save editor for Borderlands written in C#. It can read, edit, and convert savegame. Download: of the game, or you can edit bits of your save by simply hex editing.

It can get a little annoying so be aware it does happen. I hope this helps someone. It'd be fantastic to be able to plug in an Xbox or PS controller and have it work by default. The things people will do to win their internet arguments! Edited by decompiler on April 2, AM. You've gotten several forum points outta me for this thread as well - keep workin' that positive vibe! I just tried to do something Cool man!! Very complete post! I ran this process on 5 games and each of them still said "you are using another user save" So I canceled though figuring newer was better. I am unable to "bruteforce" the save.

The program says it's unable to do it, due to the files being decrypted. I made all u said in the tutorial and my GTA IV imported save game looks normal on PS3 folder, but it just doesnt appear in tha game, it doesnt auto load and dont show up in load games in the game. What do I do? Update to my previous post. I retried the method and this time it didn't freeze but it shows invalid save on the game.

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I was able to successfully complete the procedure and copy the save to my PS3 but when I start the game, the game freezes on the logo of Ubisoft I tried doing this because i lost my save of dead space 2 but when i try to load it it just wont appaer. So I went through all the steps and I got the new saves on my ps3 but I cant get my ps3 to recognize that there are the saves on it. Either it will load my old save files or if I didnt have an old save for the game im trying to play it will treat it as though its a new game even though I have my downloaded save files on my ps3.

Any ideas?? Every time mine says Pfd tool has stopped working and when I put it in the ps3 it's corrupted. Is that because I'm using a batman Arkam asylum save for my batman Arkam asylum goty game?


It does it on gta 5 too nothing has worked yet its it the pfd tool? Is there somebody I can contact by phone somewhere for like some step by step support. Playstation support hand me delete five years of game saves during a call to them for a simple procedure and I can't get them back and only had some backed up so I really want to use this.

DLL file is missing? It still won't let me save since it's from other people's saved games. Are there other programs that can change the saved file's original account user ID? I understand I won't be able to win trophies and stuff but I just want to be able to save my progress when I re-start from other people's saves. Thanks for all the help and the blog.