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Associate file type (file ending, suffix) permanently to an application on macOS

He calls this the life categories. And reflect if you want to change it. Feng Shui: Bagua Example: Read 5 pages before you go to lunch! Ray thinks each area needs system. Simplistic with thoughtfulness. Focus Producticity principle 7: Simplify Example: Ray create a knowledge unit of Stoicism , and he can label the note: Summary of Stoicism IF you search more than 3x you can create a saved search shortcut.

They use it as a trash. Think about the Structure! Start with one Life area! For instance use Recepie! Don't do everything at once. We are in for some "strife", which means technology is going to change! We are not prepared for technology. Knowledge workers - we are still new to it. Humans evolve for a long time, computers only evolved for some years.

Evernote will move with the "cheese". Listen to Manuel in episode 49 Ray shares: He would have tried to understand mobile technology and how it would effect his productivity. Stacey runs enterprises and shares valuable insights how we can improve our digital lives. We talk how it can be possible to "work from anywhere", to centralize our digital lives in one place: Evernote. We get tips and strategies how to radically improve our productivity with simple straightforward actions and strategies.

This episode goes hand in hand with episode 49 - in case you missed it! She is the head principal of Harmon Enterprises. She has put 8 years of consulting in 11,5 h course. Book Untethered with Evernote. She is a "Digital Organization geek" :. Selected links: Please use our affiliate link to Sign up for Evernote Read our articles about Evernote: Evernote the optimal information tool How to track your fitness with Evernote Check out our productivity course where we have a whole section about Evernote Stacey URL: www.

She helps people get digitally organized 5.


What are we missing? How powerful the desktop version is - blog post - the 6 AHA moments for Stacey 80 Lessons long The most comprehensive skills course on Evernote 9. Note Links. Stacey Favourite feature. Essential for her deployment - she has 26k notes in Evernote. Note: It's most simple on the desktop. Use key commands to save time. Centralization in Evernote.

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Digitalize everything. Stacey try to be "file free": make it EASY to digitize paper. Evernote Scannable Stacey gives us her cliff notes: Naming convention. Read more: Gaming the naming! Evernote is organized in notebooks! Descriptive naming in your notes.

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Meaningful to you! Table of content note. Future integration: Slack? It took her 18 years to make the change in her life. Listen to your voice. Listen to your inner voice. We talk about what Evernote is, why its hard to be productive in the modern workplace, the 3 overloads knowledge workers face, challenges for new Evernote users. We talk about Evernote for business.

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Manuel shares specific tactics and strategies; one being the Chill Out strategy! Manuel like the notion of thinking of it as an atomic unit. Their previous tagline was: "Remember everything". Workspace of writing down ideas.

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Before 5. When we work we have one challenge - one overload: Data overload - Buckminster Fuller - - a theoretical graph - until all knowledge doubles. Previous it was every years. Today it is 1year for us to double - IBM study - - at the end of memory can hold 4 things at the same time.

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Below is additional information about how to change what programs are used to open files and how they open the files in Microsoft Windows. Associera filer med program mac Is it okay to do leg lifts while pregnant. Le bon coin loir et cher meuble. Head start hair design kilbirnie. Carbon fiber bike.

Memory techniques, like repetition. Writing down notes in your own notes. You don't have to choose!

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But the downside of it is physical; you can lose it. You cannot connect it. Data Overload we spend 2 hours searching for information every day 2. Cognitive Overload - you are interrupted every 5 minutes, either yourself by checking social media or by other persons. And uses Evernote to save it for later.

A notebook called: Reading Crazy structures. No structure. If you have a lot of content, you need some kind of structure.


Productivity is individual! Tags confuse Manuel. Project notebooks: with a clear end date. Use one notebook called: inbox. It is important to think about a structure for naming. Work is collecting materials, Working, sharing Free Monthly trial here: But it is still up to you!

It is personal. Metal pins! Manuel answers: Creating something of meaning takes time. Be patient.

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Evernote is organized in notebooks! Geschrieben von Saraarora am 11 Apr : Their order did not demand a community of goods and life, like other religious societies ; and the buildings were not constructed in order that the Beguinge, like nuns, might be excluded from the society of men, and solely obey the will of others, but only in order that the poor among them might be assisted, and all live more decently and conveniently for discharging those duties which the method of a more per- fect life required ; therefore most of those who had taken the name and dress of Beguinge, and followed their manner of living, either continued to live in their own houses, or stayed in the house of relations; but by continual going to the house of the Beguinse, and frequenting prayers and meetings, showed that they were united to them by the bond of a com- mon sisterhood. Pfere Etienne, the present Superior-General of the Mission, that there were then 20, sisters of the order in all parts of the world. You notice so much its nearly hard to argue. Geschrieben von Harold am 26 Jan : Geschrieben von Dtjeywoj am 12 Nov :

You need focus to create something great. Mentalt 6.

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Acceptans 6. Balans 7. Planera Biologi Vs. In beta. Hittade Lifehacker , SpeedReading - 7.

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Victor Frankl - Mans Search for Meaning! LogoTherapy eller positive psykology. Make your future greater than your past 2. One thing 3. KaiZen 4. Extreme OwnerShip 5. Immunology and Infection.