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Hide image Before you download Turbo C 2. How to Download Turbo C 2. Hide image. How to Get Help 2. Installation 3. Important Notes 4. Additional Notes 5.

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Notes for Turbo Prolog Users 6. Files on the Disks 1. DOC file, and the Turbo C manuals first. If you still have a question and need assistance, help is available from the following sources: 1. Type GO BOR on the CompuServe bulletin board system for instant access to the Borland forums with their libraries of technical information and answers to common questions. Check with your local software dealer or users' group. Box Scotts Valley, CA Please remember to include your serial number or we will be unable to process your letter. If you have an urgent problem that cannot wait and you have sent in the license agreement from the front of your manual, you may call the Borland Technical Support Department at Please have the following information ready before calling: a.

Product name and serial number on your original distribution disk. Please have your serial number ready or we will be unable to process your call. Product version number.


The version number for Turbo C is displayed when you first load the program and before you press any keys. Computer brand, model, and the brands and model numbers of any additional hardware. Operating system and version number. BAT file. SYS file. EXE that will assist you with the installation of Turbo C 2. There are three options for installation: 1. Hard Disk - This option allows you to pick the subdirectories where the files will be loaded. CFG file based on those directories.

Update from TC 1.

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After the files are copied, all the installed options from your current TC. EXE will be transferred to the new one. This is especially useful if you have modified the colors or editor keys.

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Floppy Disk - This option will build either a command line or Integrated Development Environment version for a two drive system. Be sure to have three formatted disks ready before you start. You will be given instructions in a box at the bottom of the screen for each prompt. DOC contains discussions of common questions and answers concerning Turbo C 2.

You should consult it for answers to problems that aren't covered in this file or in the manuals. A new command-line switch controls palette swapping on EGA video adapters.

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In general, you don't need to use this switch unless your program modifies the EGA palette registers, or unless your program uses BGI to change the palette. Use the standalone Turbo Debugger instead. Versions of the Novell network system software earlier than 2. If you are using the Integrated Development Environment to run a program that uses any of these functions and you have early Novell system software, run the program from DOS.

Before the fancy flashy user interfaces and programming tools of the modern day, compilers like Turbo C 3.

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Version 3. Although other versions followed, Turbo 3. Sadly, by the mid-nineties Turbo C had been generally abandoned in favour of compilers with a more modern interface and functionality. Although the graphics interface is primitive by today's standards, Turbo C is still perfectly adequate for the development of applications and compilation of the code to obtain executable files.

Conclusion : While you won't be using Turbo C 3. The old-school interface might take a little time to get used to, but Turbo C 3. All OSes. All licences. Software Free Download Soft You can skip this in seconds Click here to continue. Can anyone suggest how to fix this?

MS-DOS emulator for Mac OS X

Installation Note: After copying the Turbo C++ folder to Applications, please right- click on the TurboC app in the Turbo C++ folder in. Drag and drop the “TurboC++zzdesign.lv” file into the “Applications” folder as I'm just going to make a quick Hello World program for this demo.

Could try taking the. Is there no way you cannot install GCC? It looks like someone is short on their libraries. I take it that you approached your instructor with the problem? She said "what an interesting delima you have here, this is a good learning experence for you", and then left you high and dry.

Welcome to the real world. She really didn't, she wants to see what you can do. Told nothing, expect miracles. Why is everybody picking on me? This is a relativly simple problem and well within your abilities to fix, even though you do not realize it. I really would recommend loading xcode on your system.