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Live Gigging. Keyboard Beginning Lessons. Although my rig had no problems with latency, audiobro recommends playing LASS on two computers simultaneously for optimum performance in the most demanding situations. Take Five Traditionally, string sections and other large ensembles can be split into smaller sections that play separate parts, a technique called divisi. LASS lets you build large ensembles by layering smaller ones to form any-sized group you need.

For each instrument section—violin, viola, cello, and bass—you get a single first-chair player and four groups ranging in size from one to 16 players. The violin section is duplicated with a different spatial perspective, bringing the total to five sections. All the players were recorded on a large film-scoring stage with no reverb other than the stage''s natural early reflections.

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The samples were then mixed from the perspective of the players'' seating positions; however, you can pan them anywhere you like. LASS comes with a selection of excellent impulse responses that provide early responses and tails. In addition to legato, staccato, and pizzicato, you get spiccato, tremolo, sustained looped , muted, harmonics, and major and minor trills, as well as portamento and glissando articulations.

Realistic legato phrasing can be particularly tricky with any sampled strings, but LASS shines in that area. You can play legato normally by overlapping notes as you play, or you can simply hold down the sustain pedal CC 64 on legato patches to enable a feature called Real Legato see Web Clip 1.

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Your keyboard velocity affects whether your playing triggers a clean legato, glissando, or portamento. You can load legato patches without glisses or portamento if you need to save RAM. The players are recorded in position on the scoring stage and mixed in the traditional orchestral seating perspective, making it simple to get a magnificent string mix out of the box.


Sonokinetic might not be as much of a household name as some other sample developers currently are, but this relative newcomer to the market has a distinct and innovative line of products that pushes the limits of what we can expect from sample-based products, both musically and technically. Other Event. By Geary Yelton. Well, suppose your first violins are divided into two groups, each group playing a different note. Yamaha 01v96 - still relevant?

Meanwhile we took the utmost care to ensure that the instruments can be panned anywhere with virtually no phasing problems should you need to do that. And to make it easy to get just the right sound, all LASS patches and programming are consistent from the first chair to the full mix. If apart sounds right using the first chair patch, the same sequence will sound right with the full ensemble — no MIDI reprogramming required.